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  1. Nice, fantasy is one of my favorite genre too. I started reading a lot more now that I quit gaming, and it is a great hobby. I have just finished the third book from The Stormlight Archive and would highly recommend the series. I loved it, it was maybe too addicting at times but definetly something worth reading.
  2. Good job on making progress! Boredom is fairly natural after you stop gaming. We need several hobbies and activities to fill in the huge void left by gaming and everything that comes with it. What kind of anime and books do you like? I found those two hobbies to be great as a replacement, but one need to be cautious of binge watching haha.
  3. I found meditation to be a great, helpful habit. In fairness, it is the only habit that I have a perfect streak going. But I would say that the best way to use it is to not stress about it at all. I love to structure my routines and habits and make them as perfect as possible. However, funnily enough, for meditation to work well for me, it has to be the exact opposite. Just do it whenever and for whatever long. Some days it is just a few minutes of focused breathing when I am walking outside, and sometimes an hour-long session of perfect relaxation. From past experience, I found that the less
  4. Welcome to the forums! I like this form of a structured template 🙂. But as everything, with time you will find a system that works best for you. Journaling is an enjoyable way to share your highs and lows with others, more so here where we all share a similar back story. It could be. However, it is the same as with everything, the difference between medicine or poison is only the dose. It would be delightful to be able to play in small controlled doses in moderation. Still, I personally am incapable of that. After reading your story, I would say that it is not the best option for you
  5. Good to see that you are doing well. That manga coloring book sounds wonderful. Haha, yeah, the pencils can be quite annoying at times, now that I think about it I do not believe I've ever used markers to color something. It might be worth a try sometime. This is the main thing I do not like about these services these days as they are limiting in what they offer. On the other hand, if you know that one will work well for you, that is great. There is some quite dark anime with profanity, but it is nowhere near as common as it is in tv shows.
  6. Welcome to the forums! Don't worry; there are a lot of us who are struggling with the same things you are currently. Hell, it is the biggest issue I currently have. Well, I guess it was always a big issue, but procrastination in the form of gaming was outright destructive. I had stopped gaming close to a month before I joined the forums but had a small relapse. Since then, I have not played for more than a month, though. But I am still battling against instant gratification in one form or another. I am not sure if it is because of years gaming that we are so inclined towards the immediate rewa
  7. @Havey That is fair. If you can only play with your friends and then not play on your own time, it should be fine. Just be aware to not let it get out of control, which can happen easier than we think. Those bad habits are like weeds. It might seem somewhat innocent but can easily steal you of several hours of your time. What helped me the most against mindless browsing is to track my time in the day. When I saw that I have spent 6 hours in one day just mindlessly browsing the internet, I was horrified. Now I am trying to stop it as soon notice doing it. Being conscious about it is definitely
  8. I guess this comes down to every individual. Will you be able to play in moderation? Will you be able to play only with friends and enjoy it more as a social event than just waste time gaming on your own? For me, personally I have learned the hard way that moderation does not work for me at all. I did not have to get rid of any consoles, but I would probably try to do it. The hardest thing for me was to delete my LoL account, but it was the best decision I could have made. If I did not, there is a high chance I would be playing now during this lockdown. I was tempted several times and was clos
  9. She is the last one with the magic staff and hat-wearing an eye patch. She if from Konosuba. I thought you watched that one, but if not, I would highly recommend it. It is basically a parody on isekai anime, haha. It is hilarious, and it does not take itself too seriously. One of my favorites for sure. That is unfortunate, and I share your pain. Two days ago, I got angry for the same reason and lost almost one-third of my green pencil because it kept breaking every time I sharpened it. On the other hand, they run out quickly anyway. I would not worry about it too much after all
  10. Welcome back and all the best on your journey! 🙂
  11. @Havey Good job on the progress! It is incredible how much our mood can be affected by weather. But this whole weekend should be lovely. A good To-Do list takes time to make and a lot of experimentation. One key advice I would recommend is to not overload it with too many things. Whenever I do that, I just tend to procrastinate the whole list, haha. On the topic of energy in the afternoon, how is your diet? I found that when I eat a lot of processed food and snacks, I tend to crash a lot throughout a day.
  12. It is a good way to appreciate daily things more and be more optimistic in general. I used to do it more in the past but I am still keeping one with highlights of the day. There are plenty of other things you can enjoy to take a break from drawing. But I am looking forward to your drawings colored with pencils. Megumin turned our great!
  13. The hard is always tough, and I think that many people went through the same. It took me quite some time till I got interested in other things besides gaming. I would not necessarily say that you need to force yourself into getting interested, but it is good to push yourself to try new things, and you will eventually find what you enjoy. On top of that, remember that you have spent hours developing the habit of gaming, so to replace it will take time and effort. If they trigger you to game, I would recommend quitting them alongside gaming. After I quit, I still watched streams but mai
  14. @Metalgear222 Thank you for sharing your story. I think you would be surprised by how many people went through very similar if not the same path with games. After WoW, I started League of Legends, which was my biggest nemesis. I do not even want to know how much time I have wasted on that game, let alone all the videos and streams linked to it. The start is always the hardest. When you spent that much time on something, it is only natural that it is hard to live without it. But it is not impossible. Once you find interests that can replace all the needs that gaming provided you with, you will
  15. @remember115 I share with you the idea that it is an even better time now to quit mainly because if you can do it in these harder times, it will only get easier when things are better. Keep it up, man! Binge-watching is a huge trap. I tend to fall into it way too often. It feels good to finish it just for the sense of completion. But in all honesty, it is the worst when I tell myself, "I will start working once I finish this show." I found that all it does is leads to further procrastination. I struggle with it a lot at the moment, too, and I am trying to be more decisive on prioritizing work
  16. Avoiding is not the best option, in my opinion too. I did that last year, and it was fine in a sense there was not any conflict. But at times, it made me feel stressed and afraid to even leave my room or go to the kitchen just to avoid my roommates. I would not even say that we were mean to each other, we just did not get along well and could tolerate each other. All in all, that year, I had a lot more anxiety and spent too much time gaming. Avoiding them was an easy escape. Which now, in retrospect, I know it would be a lot better if I talked to them more about how to get along instead of jus
  17. @obelix_mtg Welcome to the forums! Letting go of the past is never easy, even if it caused us much more pain than what we feel at the moment. However, I believe that it is necessary to do this with gaming because it is such a strongly engraved habit in our brains. Problem arises in time of stress when we tend to lose control and turn back toward old escape routes. As @BooksandTrees said, the best way to go about it is to write down a list of activities and hobbies you want to do to replace gaming. You will need several of them to cover the vast plains that gaming occupied. Good luck on your j
  18. @Metalgear222 Hi and welcome to the forums! Good luck on your journey! It is great that you came to this realization and know that something need to change. It might seem like a small first step, but actually it is a huge leap to start working toward life without gaming. I am not sure if you have done anything in the respawn program but what helped me most was to burn all the bridges connected to gaming and build new ones towards habits I enjoy and allow me to achieve things in the real world. However you will need several of them to replace every aspect of gaming which makes it, in turn so ad
  19. Good luck man! I would recommend to add some more exercises such as leg raises and russian twist, for example. It definitely is a big achievement to achieve so I guess the more you know about what it takes to get it the more you can appreciate it. As it is for most things in life. Journey before destination. 🙂 Who doesn't haha. Especially looking at results of your hard work will always be satisfying.
  20. @Erik2.0 @Ikar In simple terms to get to six-pack is just to work on abs to increase definition and volume of the muscle, and more importantly to lower body fat. Which you need negative caloric intake. HIIT is the most efficient way to burn more calories, but you can burn even more with steady state cardio over a longer period of time. It sucks that meds have such side effects, hopefully in the future you can achieve it. However, from experience I would say that most girls are not that hyped about six pack as we guys are. Unfortunately, most of that is driven by the food business. Wh
  21. @Erik2.0 Awesome coloring. The shading makes a lot of difference, and it is looking great. It is nice to see such improvements with every picture 🙂. Moving out can be difficult, I love it, I just feel much better in my own space but I know it can be stressful too. I am glad to hear that you set up some boundaries with the housemates. It might help if all of you are on the same page of what each of you is comfortable/ uncomfortable with and it might be easier to stay at home for you then. If that can work out it might be better than moving, especially if you are unsure about moving yourself
  22. It definitely is possible. As you are already doing push/pull/legs. You can usually do that after each other because you target different muscle groups. But the rest day is helpful, a lot of it depends on how much recovery you need. If anything doing a more cardio + stretching workout on the rest day would work well. This way, you can have a workout 7 days a week. Moreover, if it helps you mentally, it is good to have some kind of exercise daily. What you can also do is make 2x workout plans. Push/pull/legs(A) + Push/pull/legs(B) This way, even if they follow right after each other will bring
  23. I found out that having a specific time for relaxation is tremendously liberating. Even if you relax in non productive way, it is fine. After all it is almost impossible to be working constantly which would only lead to overworking and less productivity in the long run. This will take time. It is unfortunate, but the time we lost gaming, we won´t get back. I believe it is good to remember the anger and frustration you have at gaming as a reminder of why you should not go back to it. Well, the good thing now is that you have so much more time without gaming so you can focus on the cruc
  24. @remember115 Good luck with the new job! Staying busy is probably the best way to stay away from gaming. Just beware of stress. It is always good to relax and, if not, try to schedule times for it, so you do not find gaming as a way to alleviate stress.
  25. Can't agree with this more. Every single person is different. There are a lot of similarities, but there is no one you can truly compare yourself to besides yourself. One of my favorite quotes is, "Make today a tiny increment better than yesterday!" It is up to you to decide how much you improve on the day, but even by small steps day by day, you can see vast improvements. I am a huge believer in the idea that it is best to focus on things you enjoy, but you need to be aware that things will get hard at some point. What is wonderful about quitting video games is that after while you realize th