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  1. I know what you feel. I get that feeling every day before school. It’s the feeling I used to get as a little kid when I knew I was about to get chewed out. Now I can’t get away from it. I go home and start throwing stuff. I get stressed about the most random stuff that’s not worth it in the long run. My family doesn’t understand what I’m going through so they are no help. I don’t know if you are religious but something I do is pray to god to help me get through this. I also lay on the floor and list each thing I am grateful for in this world. As long as we are living brother we can get through this. Stay strong.
  2. Thank you for all the kind reply’s! I’m gonna do it, today will be my first day of quitting again. I’m headed to school so I’m going to tell all my gaming buddies my plan to quit. Hopefully all will go well, I will keep you guys updated!
  3. Last year I realized I had a problem. I was gaming 5-10 hours a day, lying to my family about how much I was playing and I decided to change when summer started. It was so hard at first because my friends would always text about how much fun they had and how they miss me. I ignored it and it became the best summer I ever had. I found new friends who wanted to go to hiking and running and I loved it. I had not touched any game for a whole 100 days. Then my sophomore year started. My friends convinced me to come back and play in moderation. I regret this so much now. I now am getting horrible grades, I got kicked off the football team, my life isn’t where I want it to be, and I get bullied at school because I’m not confident. I now game 5-10 hours a day and I feel horrible. I found this community last year and I’m now coming back to it for support because I’m trying to quit but it’s so difficult to stop because I use it to not be depressed.