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  1. @BooksandTrees you might gain some peace once your conditions are better, you sleep well and eat well. Let's hope it gets better when you're settled in a new place.
  2. Our life is the process, so you'll be on the move till your death. What matters is if you have peace inside you, and if you do how can a mere move disturb you?
  3. Vera

    Moving on

    @BooksandTrees I'll get my money back if keyboard won't come but that would be very annoying to wait for a long time and get nothing in return.
  4. @BooksandTrees you're moving to a better place, you just got a promotion! People ruin their lives for all kinds of reasons but you don't need to be angry because they fuck everything up. They're addicted, poor and afraid to change, and their community wants them to stay like that, earn more virtual coins but lose their precious time. Don't touch them if they refuse to listen to you. Don't waste your energy on them. Move on.
  5. @BooksandTrees congratulations! I'm glad your hard work paid off, lots of interesting projects ahead! 👏 @goodvibes I like how his right arm looks - Einstein isn't a common tattoo.
  6. Vera

    Moving on

    First work week after vacation is over. That was tiring, lots of working overtime, but mostly boring. I made nice progress in touch typing while waiting for another pile of documents to come. I think my skill is still pretty low but I'm improving every day. I bought humble bundle of books on programming and data science, it has some projects I'd like to do so I decided to invest in myself. Managed to go to the gym just once this week, should be able to go tomorrow. December is going to be busy but I believe I can still make it to the gym at least two times a week, especially if I prepare everything beforehand. My mechanical keyboard is stuck somewhere, haven't received any notifications about it for several days but that's okay.
  7. Hey, keep going, you'll get better. You need to hold on for couple days more, Matt! It's not annoying, it's your place, feel free to write everything out.
  8. Vera

    Moving on

    @Avnat Netzer Haha, I'm going to leave a short review here when I get i, hope it'll help you! @ismailkanaan thank you for your suggestions! I already implemented some of them and life looks better now. I had really hard time falling asleep last night. It seems than this amino-acid I've been taking made me too agitated. I then decided to take another pill to counter this one and oh my I felt those two chemicals fighting over control! 🙂 I fell asleep but it was too late. First work day after vacation was good. Though my keyboard is so bad I bought another one because my fingers hurt at the end of the day. Honestly, I was happy to be back to work. I felt lonely on vacation, spent way too much time alone. I missed that constant buzz and people going back and forth!
  9. @BooksandTrees I'd break the lease and move out. New apartment sounds amazing, would be great if you get it!
  10. Vera

    Moving on

    Feels great to be back to the gym! Finally! I haven't done much, but I made a step in the right direction.
  11. Vera

    Moving on

    Mechanical keyboard. I've got several coupons so it's going to be cheaper than in the local shop. I had really good morning today. Didn't start to use my phone right away but did useful stuff instead (including massage).
  12. Vera

    Moving on

    My vacation is pretty boring, but I am cool with it. I like calm days and I enjoy taking a break from work. I'm waiting for Black Friday on Aliexpress, wanna order something I've wanted for a long time.
  13. @BooksandTrees glad to hear you're doing better! Gym is not a place where people are going to pay lots of attention to you, unless you know them already or talk to them regularly. Don't worry, start small and enjoy 🙂
  14. Vera

    Moving on

    @BooksandTrees Here it is!
  15. @BooksandTrees do something about your apartment, it's not good at all. If you can't, move out. It's not the last one apartment available. Vegan diet is honestly not a good choice. Maybe as a way to ginger things up, try new food, but not a long-term solution, way too strict and missing many nutrients. And food allergy is very serious, do your tests asap BEFORE you do anything with your diet. Would you keep a diary? If yelling gets things out of your system, you can do so by writing(typing) them out on a regular basis. If you read a bit about skin care, you'll discover that you need 3 steps to keep your skin in good condition - clean, tone, moisturize. I saw a lot of benefits from using night cream as well, so there'll be day cream and night cream. You'll also need peeling (gentle one based on acids, not a scrub, apply once or twice a week) and maybe couple of masks if you want to have some fun looking at yourself in the mirror 😄. Clay ones are very good, last a century. It can be tricky to find cosmetic that your skin likes, so don't forget to test everything for allergy before you buy. Also, pure 'organic' hair care products made my hair dull and dry, and negatively impacted my skin, so use with caution. Your plan looks good, especially self-care parts. Be patient and persistent, stick to your plan, things will get better.
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