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  1. Day 19 I went to yoga but I hadn't been in a while and the time was changed to 10am instead of 10:30 so I ended up just working out at the gym instead. My friends' BBQ party was a lot of fun. Came home and talked to Matthew on the phone until about 12:30 last night. He's coming down to Portland today. I haven't been this excited for a first date in at least two years. I know that there's a risk with online dating of idealizing the other before meeting and have experienced that several times when I was younger. I know now that all gay men like myself are flawed in some way but I've learned more and more over the years to just love people for who they are and not for what they could be. Whatever happens we're building a solid friendship at least. I think I'm sufficiently rested, done with my hangover, and caffeinated now to go clean house.
  2. Hi Bugg! Opening up and talking about what's going on inside is a big step. Thanks for doing so. Sometimes we have to go through some bad times to really be able to appreciate the good times. Have you read any good books lately? And have you thought about doing some volunteer work? I keep thinking I should volunteer somewhere with some organization to feel more purpose helping others, to help make a difference, and to build my resume. I think it would definitely help with ennui and that feeling I get when I think I should work on one of my projects but can't seem to motivate myself to start. What do you think?
  3. I really hope the ants are in the stumps and not the house!
  4. Personally I just use craigslist for getting rid of stuff in the free category or listing a yard sale. There's a lot of flakes here. I've gotten rid of mostly furniture this way and say something in the ad like "first one here who can haul it away gets to!" People message me asking if I can hold it and I say no. I will tell them things like "nobody's messaged in an hour and you say you can't be here for another hour? I'll message you if it goes before you can get here". I've sold on Ebay since 2002. Amazon and Ebay have become more and more like each other anymore. Main thing is to offer a return policy and be sure to package very well. Use a sturdy cardboard box and lots of good packing material (styrofoam, bubble wrap, newspaper). Make sure that it immobilizes what's inside the box. Print off a packing slip and have that inside the box. If you can write the address to ship to on the box with a sharpie great but if you print an address label then be sure to tape it with plenty of tape so it won't get torn if at all possible. If the label is too big to put on one flap and has to go part way across the gap between the flaps on the box then make sure none of the delivery address is on the gap. That way if the box is crushed or torn somehow the delivery address should still be intact. Get insurance and delivery confirmation on the package and have it priced into your sale price or shipping cost. If you do all this you will likely never have an issue with a buyer.
  5. Day 17 & 18 Found a good job to apply for in Vancouver WA which would be great. It took about two hours to complete and submit the application. Driving I-5 from Portland to Vancouver every day might suck but at least it would be opposite of rush hour traffic. Hiked to New Seasons market to get hot wok from the deli because the day was so gorgeous. I pile so many vegetables in the bowl (broccoli, spinach, mushrooms, carrots, ginger), order the hot wok with double meat, and can usually get two great meals out of it for $10. Talked a lot to my roommate yesterday. Cleaned up my whole contact list in my phone which took an hour. I'm still procrastinating a lot though. I told my roommate I'm writing a book. He insists that I should come with him to PSU campus on the weekends to find a quiet place to just crank out more. I really should. I'm over half done with the rough draft. It's sort of a memoir but not linear. I'm writing about a lot of the difficult lessons I've had to learn in life through good decisions and bad. It's about taking risks in life and having things work out fabulously as well as having things blow up in my face. Coming out was not easy for me and took a long time but being able to live a life of integrity without having to lie to anyone or hide who I am is very freeing and much of the book is about that. I wasn't very productive all day Friday. Friends came over for game night and we had a great time playing Isla Dorada and Terraforming Mars. Tomorrow I'm going to yoga at 10:30 I'm not going to skip it again. Going to my friends' BBQ at 5:30 that my brain thought was last weekend for some reason. It'll be a great time with good food, drink, hot tub, and getting to see a lot of friends - maybe 20 people coming? Okay my bed is calling... goodnight!
  6. I've been telling a few friends here and there when we've been hanging out or over the phone :) it's definitely helpful to have people in our corner supporting us! Some of the best advice I ever got was to remember that the company and hiring manager have a problem. There is a job that needs to be done. You are there to be the solution they need and help them solve their problem. Going in with that attitude really helped my confidence. Also remember that the interview is not just about presenting your best self but to also check out your potential employer and make sure that it really is a boss and company you want to work for. My last job I didn't feel out the hiring manager enough or ask around at my company about her. She was a big question mark. I know better now what kinds of clues I need to look for and additional questions I need to ask to help identify a toxic person before I work for them such as "what kinds of things are you doing to continue to learn and grow and become a better manager?"
  7. Day 16 I was inactive most of the morning. After lunch found a great job to apply for in the Seattle area so I spent a good hour creating the cover letter, uploading and editing the resume, researching on linkedin to see whose name to put on the cover letter, and creating the application and described to my new prospective employer how I know that I can do the math needed to do the job well. We'll call this dream job #3. I got a rejection email from one of the jobs in the Seattle area I applied for but not dream job #1 or #2. They worded it so nicely - "we have decided to move forward with other applicants for this particular role. We remain interested in your skill set and think there may be another role at [company] that is a better match for you." Usually after a rejection email I get really down. I hadn't gotten my hopes up high on this one it just seemed like a great company worth applying at. I'll keep an eye on them. A friend of mine who is a flight attendant had a long layover in Portland today so we went to dinner and ate a ridiculous amount of sushi at Saburo's. We ordered too much food and I'll have a huge lunch of it tomorrow. It was good to hang out with him and catch up. We went out for a drink at one of the local gay bars and ran into a couple of my friends there and hung out. It was a really nice time. I'm still full! I have been thinking about telling my friends on Facebook about my detox. Some friends of mine have been very open about their struggles with depression, health issues, alcoholism, smoking cessation, weight, bratty children, divorce, and other things. I don't often share things that are that personal on there. When I announced on Facebook my sudden departure from my former employer the sheer number of friends who reacted in shock and who gave me encouragement was unexpected and I was really grateful for it. Alright, goodnight!
  8. The best games are with people who are already friends. Get the 5th edition starter set and invite your friends to get together and try it out. Read about how to run the game and do it. It's a bit scary and keeps you on your toes but if you like to think on your feet and improvise when needed you'll do well. I personally think it's more fun to play than to run it but you get to be really creative if you're the one who is DMing. If you'd rather a board game then Descent Journeys in the Dark is a good dungeon crawl game for a group of players. Castle Ravenloft or Wrath of Ashardalon might be good too. Wiz War is fun. A lot of people like Talisman but I thought it got old fast. All the newer editions have been out a few years so shouldn't be too hard to find a used copy at a cheaper price like on Ebay or Amazon.
  9. Find board game or D&D meetups on They're cheaper than Magic the Gathering.
  10. Day 15 complete My job interview went alright. I really hate phone interviews done by HR people and not the hiring manager. I try to stand so I sound more confident but for some reason I start getting out of breath like I forget to breathe or something. Interviews in person I'm so much better at because I'm good at reading body language and it's easier to figure out when to inject some humor. The lady doing the interview this morning spoke so fast. I think I did good answering her questions. I wish I could have thought of more to ask her. We were done after about 22 minutes. I did figure out what to say about why I left my previous job. I decided to just say I worked with my boss for three years but she was treating me unfairly. I tried to challenge her assertions the last year I worked there but didn't know the best way to do so. I made mistakes that worsened our relationship. The company was getting ready to downsize due to the merger in 2016 and I recognized that my position was likely to be eliminated. I started looking for another job outside the company last Summer but my confidence had taken a beating. I wasn't able to find something before my job ended. I've done a lot of reflection these last few months and recognized changes that I need to make in my life. I realized I needed to pick myself up, dust myself off, and do better. I don't know how well it will fly. We will see. At least I got an interview I've had a dry spell lately. After the interview I went to my favorite thrift store. They're closed Sundays so Tuesday is usually the day they get all the donations out on the floor that they got over the weekend. I first started thrifting back in 2002 when I was looking for board games to buy and sell on Ebay. I found this store when I used to hit several in a week and found that they got lots of great clothing donations from nearby affluent suburbs. I often find lots of Banana Republic, Brooks Brothers, Polo, Buffalo, Izod, Levis, CK, and others there. I didn't have any luck today finding any clothing I liked but I did find a blu-ray of Transformers for $1.95. I have the DVD already so I'll probably put it on for trade. Went to the gym this afternoon after a short power nap. Ran into my old trainer Chris there. He doesn't work for the gym anymore but he was a great mentor for me. He's like 15 years younger than I am but was really great to work with because he was genuinely interested in helping the people he trained to succeed. I told him I quit video games two weeks ago and am making some great life changes and he was very encouraging. Watched the first two episodes of Lost in Space on Netflix then turned on Hurricane Bianca which is a fun crappy movie.
  11. Day 14 Weird day. My head was foggy for much of it. I didn't sleep good the night before. Got to bed about midnight and skipped the blog entry until this morning. I have a job interview in 1.5 hours over the phone. Wish me luck!
  12. Day 13 Hey @Arch I took the HSP test and got 13 which is less than the 14 or more the test says would indicate I'm probably highly sensitive I read a lot today. I use a lot which I highly recommend if anyone has a lot of DVDs sitting around collecting dust and you want some new ones. I picked up the tv series Sliders there and watched a couple episodes. Season four of How to Get Away With Murder which is an absolutely ridiculous and fun show is now on Netflix along with season six of New Girl so I watched a bunch of those. I also updated my resume on Linkedin and Indeed as I liked the changes I did to it for dream job#2. Then I found an interesting sounding job on indeed and applied for it. I am meeting tomorrow with the agent from Worksource Oregon and have a phone interview on Tuesday. Talked on the phone to Matthew again. Even if we don't end up dating it feels like a good friendship has formed. When I think about him I just smile
  13. Go on the trip! Take a notebook with you and write a little every day in it about your thoughts and what you're doing. Make a habit of writing a little here and there especially if you're riding on a train or plane or bus. Your website looks good. Just gotta get some more life experiences to put in it and you'll be off and running I think ;)
  14. I think I got a copy of my employee file when I hired an attorney and considered suing based on my boss retaliating against me for complaining about her. I haven't really looked through since November though. The attorney I hired sent a letter outlining my complaint. The response created by the company's attorney made me sound like a most awful person who refused to learn how to do his job. While I had compiled a lot of documentation and evidence I didn't have anything that would counter the lies in the response. Having coworkers testify could counter the lies but you can't ask people to do so while they are still working for the company. While all this was happening my unemployment claim sailed through without a response in writing from my former employer. I figured any case against my former employer would boil down to my word against theirs. So with the unemployment benefits secured I could move on with my life and forget about a lawsuit. Part of the reason I hired an attorney was so many people over the years told me that the company always settles cases filed by former employees out of court. Maybe because they have had this reputation they made some changes like outsourcing employee verification and severely limiting anything former managers could say if someone did get in touch with them. I think the part that hurts the most is that she was able to turn others against me. I will forgive them all eventually. I'm getting to a point of acceptance and forgiving myself first. I'm pretty sure once I have a new career started I'll shortly be able to completely move on and let it all go. I'm feeling a lot better now than I did in November.
  15. Day 12 I had gotten to thinking today about how I can often feel strong emotions from others. I wonder if others here are affected by the emotional states of others like I am? Then I read @Arch journal entry today where he mentioned some HSP podcasts he's been listening to. I don't think I'm HSP but I really don't know a lot about it. I just know that if someone is sad or angry I can feel it readily. Anger has always bothered me while feeling someone's sadness has always prompted a desire in me to comfort. I think this comes from my father's anger and my mother's sadness that they have been having to deal with their whole lives. I stayed up late last night writing, deleting a huge part of, and rewriting my last blog entry and didn't get to sleep until about 2am. I slept in and skipped yoga class this morning that starts at 10:30 so I went to the gym in the afternoon instead. For some reason I mixed up the dates that friends of mine are having a BBQ on I wrote it correctly on my calendar that it's next week Saturday but I was thinking it was today. Fortunately nobody was home when I got there and I figured out why. I was embarrassed and fortunately nobody saw me. So I left and ordered a pizza and took it home. I watched Netflix and chatted on the phone with Matthew - the guy from the dating app - and browsed here and elsewhere online.