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  1. As long as there are not russian 90s business practices involved... I think the 90s best practice was actually better than what we have now, too much relies on authority support and nepotism. Vanilla gangster business environment was more clear cut and honest to be frank. I'm getting old and start praising the good old days .
  2. No, just plain powerlifting and healthy diet.) Thanks, I'm doing my best.
  3. Congrats on your test results!
  4. Create, man. Set your own path, it's your life - own it like you want it. Some sort of financial independence will smooth your family relationships. Maybe the military is a good option.
  5. Having a goal behind a new behavior pattern always helps to set it in place.
  6. Awesome insight, Bob. I should learn from you.
  7. Agree, endorphines play a great part in keeping fit.
  8. Sorry for missing posts, I'll recap and try to stay consistent with journal entries. Day 38 (Tuesday) All-nighter, and grind. Came home in the evening and passed out on the couch. So far, so good.) Day 39 (Wednesday) More leads and prospects turn into clients. Grind and hassle. Worked on my database - eventually got carried away, designed something way too fancy and overcomplicated to operate swiftly. I'll stick to the bare minimum and accept a risk of some mistakes on my employees' part, it's not the important and we'll check and edit if necessary. Day 40 (Thursday) A competitor came over to try and claim territory, instead handed over the docs for 5 my new clients , very sweet. Busy on new docs drafting. Tomorrow we're moving the business segment from HQ to the new office I wrote about previously. It's going to be a little rough around the edges, as I haven't arranged the Internet and consequently IP telephony. We'll manage a few days with mobile router and call redirect no problem. The customers may come to the HQ, which is a little inconvenient, as I processing is now situated at the new location. I'll post a vacancy for my second minion at the new location. By the end of next week we'll be +1 employee. Yeah, and I have officially reached my weight goal! I was at 219 lbs this morning.
  9. Vlad

    Skaliq's Journal

    Great job on nutrion! Good food really makes you feel and perform better, no sugar crashes and stuff.
  10. Very well done! It only gets better with time
  11. Is it universal that when people quit gaming they suddenly start bumping into old friends and acquaintances? I have serious suspicions on that
  12. Congrats on a good deal!
  13. I did and failed, and now doing it even better (knock on wood). I didn't mean it in a sense of pillaging neighbors and putting up statues of yourself . It's just people need vision, and if you have a pretty good one people are willing to help if you share with integrity. Conciseness is the sister of talent .
  14. Day 37 Working round the clock. One of my new minions quit this Monday morning. She said she didn't enjoy the long travel to work. Well I think it's for the best - I haven't heavily invested in her training yet. The other one is doing A-ok. So, being understaffed and with new leads and clients piling up in the inbox I turned to automation opportunities. I consulted with a number of CRM-providers and while they don't suck entirely, they do not help me achieve my goals. I don't have issues with sales, I have a black hole in processing. I've tried looking at project managers, task managers and even ERP-systems. I don't remember how (sleep deficit ruins memory ), but at late evening I struck gold with integrating basic Mycrosoft Office apps together and cloud storage (like Google Drive). I mean, I had to be good with Excel as an ibanker, but I was oblivious to automation capabilities of the other apps like MS Word, and MS Access is pretty much a fully-customizable CRM. The kicker - it all doesn't cost a penny in incremental spending. fucking awesome! I guess I'm lucky that my operations can be broken down into small and simple tasks, some of which can be automated. I still might be getting a CRM soon though, as I sure can't integrate MS Office with IP telephony my managers are using . The moral of this episode is that being tight-pressed for everything but will and a cause gives +N to your attributes.
  15. Packed lunches/meals are cool as hell. The last one I was given was 17 years ago and it was on an overseas trip in Ireland. Packed lunches are almost as neat as having a wife knit a uniquely-designed scarf for you. Her parents are nice.
  16. It's all good, as long as you keep us posted about your journey.
  17. Sorry for an ignorant question - what are you doing these tests for?
  18. If you think of your goals as hugely important and urgent you'll be busy all the time. Not sure if it's healthy, but it sure works
  19. How much serotonin are you registering lately? Jokes aside, you will probably feel it in retrospect. It's much like pain - people usually suddenly realize that something stopped hurting some time ago.
  20. Vlad

    Skaliq's Journal

    You shouldn't pimp your harem . It's supposed to be for personal use.
  21. Why don't you start on a real-life empire then?)
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