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Daily rewards in game


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I'd be asking myself why I find it so important in the first place I suppose. Like, it's ingame, it's not physically real - though I totally understand the desire to still want it. What will you gain by claiming it (satisfaction? a sense of reward?) VS what do you have to give up (i:e; time that could be spent elsewhere). Claiming the reward makes the game seem more appealing to play, but not claiming them means you are perhaps then less likley to play? Write a list of reasons for why you want to resist in the first place, and keep reading over it. 

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My advice is just to delete the game and your account if possible so then you can give away everything that you value and desire in the game. If the game costs money and you spent money on it and doesn't want to delete it then consider giving it to a relative or a close friend.

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Agree with @hemonkey- going "cold turkey" and simply deleting your account/games would be a very helpful thing. The desire to play is often very strong, and suddenly quitting games completely will help you get back in control of your urges and your actions more so than trying to "moderate" or "play less every day". 

Additionally, try to figure out not why this game matters so much, but why other things do not seem as important. When I was struggling with games and could't stop playing, it was mainly because there was nothing in my life that I was more passionate about than video games. Figure out if you lack passion for other things in your life, and if you do- then why, and how to get more of that passion. There is a lot of books on this topic that you could start reading, and I also recommend you check out GameQuitters Youtube channel. DM me about books if you are into that, I can share some pdfs 🙂



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