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NEW VIDEO: The EASIEST Way to Stop Gaming

I've decided to quit

Mr. Ém

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Hi everyone!

I'm 20 and i'm a college student. I'm actually doing an engineering degree and video games have had a bad influence on my productivity and my motivation for a long time. I sold my Switch so that I don't have any console to play. The problem I want to focus on right now is to stop spending so much time watching videos. I plan on doing a daily journal to talk about my feelings on this journey and in order to avoid a relapse.

Wish me good luck! :)

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Welcome fellow new member and godspeed on your new journey! I also sold my switch last week and bought a keyboard piano with a portion of the proceeds of the sale. Quite happy about that so far!

About watching videos, I had a similar problem through facebook (I would scroll and watch completely useless videos like fail army or stuff like that). I decided to simply get rid of my account and god it has been good!!

I know youtube is always accessible but with focus you should be able to recognize the patern and stop it as soon as you get into it.


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