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Successful No gamers: How has your life changed?

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I have been browsing the forum a little and so far I didnt find any post where people would just post their success stories.

I right now could really use some stories that would show me that it can be done and that its worth doing it! 

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To chime into this a bit:

As a gamer I was low energy, undisciplined, lacking relationships, always depressed, angry, bitter, and stuck working as a waiter for 5 years.

I was gaming since 3 years old, and reached some lows during my life that I never thought possible - mostly back when I wanted to be a Twitch streamer or when I failed university.

Fast forward to now and I'm working online from Thailand, I have an incredibly girlfriend, I wake up every single day with a fire in my stomach and a clear mission in my head.


I know which option I'd take haha.

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