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Time Management


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I suck at time management. I think this is related to gaming addiction because I cannot control my time and get addicted. Also, every time I try time management I do good for a week and collapse and go back to my own ways after. What should I do in this type of situation?

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I'm not going to pretend that I'm an expert at time management but just keep trying. The only thing I can suggest is to keep trying. Accept that you might go back to your own ways but constantly try to improve. Be aware when you are slipping and try to catch yourself before you do. If you do slip don't beat yourself up but be kind to yourself. Allow yourself the opportunity to try again and work towards a longer period of time where you are in control of your time. Eventually, if you stick with it, you will most certainly improve. 

Unfortunately, in the case of video games, they are designed to make you lose track of time. If you really want to improve your time management you need to quit playing vids first. 


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1. Set daily goals. Repeat them.

2. Learn how to cope with procastination, you are only learning to build up stamina for different activites than videogames.
Slowly those activities are easier and faster to finish once you get routine.

3. Create a list of tasks and order them by priority (importance of task. like paying a bill etc.).
If you live allone, it is deadly not to pay your rent, for example

4. Create a list of goals you want to achive. Build your tasks according to that goals.

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