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90 Day Detox Needs a Lot of Quitting


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Hi! Brand new quitter here.

I’ve always suffered with addictions, and I have a hot take for 90-day detox: it needs to be more than just video games. It has to be anything that provides that “quick hit” in a pointless-consumption way (see: this video https://youtu.be/QLOhgJdQLPs).

Why? Because I quit games and then just started... binge-watching Netflix and YouTube, scrolling social media and Reddit...

And I feel like my brain isn’t really rewiring to not need the “quick fix”.

so, (Lord help me) except for useful things like Cam’s videos and Facebook events in my area, I’m gonna detox from ALL of it.

what do you all think? Too ambitious, or a good idea? Useful, or extra?

look forward to your responses!



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It will require a lot of discipline. If you give up so much at once, you're basically rewriting your whole outlook on life at once, which is really hard. Rather, maybe do some reading or watching about "intentional consumption". It's a term I picked up from The Minimalists, where rather than cut yourself off entirely from something, instead focus upon being purposeful about consuming content. For example, rather than cutting off youtube entirely, only go to youtube when you need to for work and study, and remember while you're there. Once you've done what you need to, close it all down and go back to your other tasks.

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So I have been a gamer for over 20 years, never questioned that. I am not the 12 hour a day game guy but took part in an unreasonable amount of gaming over the past. I feel a lot of shame because of that which is my main driver for quitting and because i did not like my moodiness during/after play and how I treated my girlfriend and others. What I learned so far:

+No more cravings for games

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@devtai I can totally relate: When I don't play games my addiction just shifts to consuming multimedia content. That can be porn, YouTube, series, news, just anything that gets me excited. I love Andrew Kirby's take on the matter:

maybe that helps you

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