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Fortnite removed from Apple/Google stores


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Hey everyone.

Maybe you heard about the Fortnite/Google/Apple dispute.

Fortnite added an ingame puchase moddel, cutting off revenue Apple/Google made from purchases in fortnite.

How is your oppinion on this.

For me it is funny, now that people loose their virtual progress becouse of some company giants fighting over money.
One more reason not to play games for me, since we see there is nothing long term in the gaming world. Prooven once more with this incident.

Do you support Epic or Apple/Google?

I am pro Apple/Google:

I do not hink Google/Apple has to much power over our phones, it is better to have one single app marked. It is easier that way for small developers to put something on the app stores and be recognized more easily.

It is a service that costs google/apple trillions of dollars to keep the service up and running and appealing to new customers.
It is only fair to pay those companies money, becouse you get free marketing on top of a secure trusted app platform.

Do you find the 30% share payd to google/apple to much? I find it to be ok, since the quality of the app marked is really great. There are none viruses malwares on the marked (for the tested applications) for example. And it costs money to test all those apps.

Also, the income of the app marked is related to the development of the operating systems, which has to be of high quality.

Another point is, all of the casino apps where removed, you are still able to install them if you download the apk.
Fortnite is nothing else then gambling since it has lootboxes, they may be transparent but it's still gambling in the end.

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Coming from a software engineering position:
I think the respective stores should charge based on how much bandwidth it takes to ship an application to a user.

Let's take Spotify for example (who are also suing) to show how unfair the current system is. If Spotify sells you their subscription after you have downloaded their app through the Apple Store, Apple gets 30% of the amount Spotify charges for their subscriptionn every month. Spotify is a rather small app (less than 100mb), which is usually only downloaded once. Such a small download shouldn't cost more than 15 cents in terms of electricity, drive capacity, network solutions, bandwidth, etc. All other network traffic goes through Spotify's servers, which costs them a lot more if you are streaming high quality music. Spotify should (in my opinion) pay a flat fee for every app download (bandwidth), and should not have to give a certain percentage of their income to Apple, UNLESS they use Apple's (Or Google's) payment provider for the subscription transaction, rather than their own. It's acceptable to charge a small fee (definitely not 30%) when someone uses your payment provider.

I also find this applicable for Fortnite. Initial app download bandwidth cost is on Epic, every update that requires a user to update through the store should also be paid for by Epic. If Epic uses their own payment provider (like they tried to do before getting their app removed) they should not have to pay 30% to Google or Apple.

I also think users should have the freedom to install whatever they want on their device. You can already do so on Android. It's the users' responsibility to not download malware, and it's a risk you take once you download a storefront that didn't come pre-installed with your phone. Apple can still maintain their quality control for their own store.

A monopoly is never good. "You can only eat at McDonald's, because they serve quality ingredients!".

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I am against any form of monopoly as well, but I do not think Epic is the underdog/victim in this scenario because how fast they reacted to the ban and of course  they have the fortnite and tencent billions behind them. So I am just a bystander and look smiling at the flames. 😉 

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