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Attention span/mental energy


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Hi guys,

First post here. I'm roughly 60+ days gaming free. Not my longest stretch of abstaining but this time I have a quiting mindset as opposed to a break mindset.

I know i cant even play a board game online or even online poker without getting sucked back into my consoles and gaming pc.

My biggest problem, being someone who neglected schoolwork and gamed way too much throughout my highschool years and into my mid 20s. Im lucky enough to have an ok job moneywise for a 26 year old, but its not where i want to spend the next 30+ years.

I graduated highschool with low, but passing grades and chose a lot of easier classes. I do have an electronics certification i also skated through.

I hope to return to school with a more open mindset and truly find out what my real world calling is.

My main problem is brain fog. I've always chosen the path of least resistance. Sometimes i fear that I'm just lazy and that my lack of energy is my fault.

I'm just wondering if anyone has had similar feelings and if theres still hope for it to lift.

My brain jas just been so addicted to instant gradification and dopamine for as long as i can remember.

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Hey there @nojomo! Welcome to the fourms!Ā šŸ˜ƒĀ Congratulations for the 2 months of game free!Ā šŸ˜ŽšŸ‘Œ

It's been 5 years since I graduated from college. At the start, my brain was foggy too. My first three years were the peak of my gaming career. I leftĀ graduate school without notice. I left my first job without notice too (because I don't want to spend my 30+ years there too). I played WoW for 2 yrs straightā€”unemployment is real.Ā I admit, I'm lazy if I'm really not in the mood. I also have low energy; I don't likeĀ to workout at all.

During those times, I was writing my thoughts and feelings in a notebook. I consider it my diary. It's where all of my frustrations, goals, feelings, thoughts, wants and needs were written. It helped me narrow down my available resources and possible path in life. Eventually, I put all my effort to start our family business. Not because I wanted to, but it's the job that has least resistance and I enjoy developing.

Now is different. As I look back to my diary, I've been crossing out my goals, wants and needs since I've already got it. It boosted my confidence a lot.Ā It was just last year that the fog seems like slowly fading away. I created (somehow šŸ˜…) my purposeā€”and still constantly developing it. Since I've penetrated the least resistanceĀ and I'm more stable than before, my plan as of now isĀ to reach the greater resistance, revolve around it for a while,Ā and when I'm fully equipped,Ā I will try to get through it as well.

What I've learned since I graduated collegeĀ is that the littleĀ things and choices that we do will add up and show results later in our life. For me, there is hope if you believe in itā€”there's none if you don't.

Take it easy man. Hope this helps.
Good luck!Ā šŸ˜‚

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My belief is that focus is a skill and we're taught by modern pop-psychology that focus is something you're either born with or you aren't. If you can learn to meditate and sit still for 30 minutes at a time, why wouldn't you be able to learn to read a book or study for school? That's how I look at it anyway. Just keepĀ doing itĀ and you'll get better with time.

Brain fog is normal too. We may not think that gaming addiction damages our brains because it's not a chemical but everything you do alters the physiology of your brain for either better or worse (usually worse tbh). Brain fog is sometimes a symptom of your brain repairing itself.Ā 

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Your brain will adjust if you stay away from high dopamine-inducing activities like smoking, porn, drinking, brainless-but-exciting movies and you put that energy into something productive. Slowly it will adjust.Ā 

A couple of years ago while i was still smoking, drinking, masturbating regularly despite having great sex with my GF 2 days a week, as well as suffering from depression - some days I would be in such a big brain fog that I couldn't do anything that wasn't out-right exciting and gratifying. For example, I would struggle toĀ keep awake when commuting in public transport,Ā even though I was completely rested. It was terrible.

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I think reading or learning something that need focus like programming can help.

In the beginning we need a lot of willpower because we fight against our brain
who want the quick fix. So it's really exhausting to get your brain out of instant
gratification. But once the brain understands theĀ value andĀ releases dopamine
for high value activities things will get easier andĀ better.Ā 

I think it needs around 14 days of detox and while that detox you start reading
or a different activity.

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