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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

should i ?


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I wouldn't go cold turkey alongside no gaming, particularly if you are going hard mode.  Instead give yourself whatever you think is a reasonable limit, once a day, once a week, no porn, only softcore, only still pictures, whatever you consider to be moderating.  Focus on one vice at a time, eventually you will get to all of them 🙂


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I tried to quit both at once and it was impossible for many reasons. The main reason I'll highlight is you're just starting to quit gaming. You don't fully understand why you crave games yet and the effect it has. You haven't detoxed yet and don't fully understand your addiction. Use this time to quit gaming. After 180 days or so I'd recommend checking back on porn and nofap if you actually masturbate over 5 times per week or use it as escapism and watch porn for hours. 

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