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I picked the worst time to do this

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My name is Moostorm. Im out on the east coast and Ive played video games all my life. They weren't an issue at first, but the last 2 years have been a low point for me and I jumped on gaming as a way to avoid dealing with that. I'm fed up of watching everyone around me move on with their lives, while I'm home shirking responsibilities. I want to move on with my life. I feel like I picked the worst time to do that given the current situation in our country...but fuck it I'm gonna try 

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I think it is the best time to do it. I have stopped the games just several days ago and seeing that everything is closing and hearing from friends to play because they do not have other stuff to do is extremely tempting but I feel like if you can push through this times and find other habits to fill your time during this pandemic. I am sure that when things go back to normal you will have easy time not playing games and focusing on real life. Quite frankly it will be an easy mode with all your new good habits.  

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On 3/18/2020 at 7:36 PM, moostorm said:

I like that way of thinking


Me too.  One of my friends who I used to talk about games a lot with thought I was being harsh by quitting games back in January.  A few weeks ago he messaged me saying that I'd chosen a tough time to not be allowed to game.

My response?  Now is the BEST time.  If I can't fill the extended time I have at home with things I've been wanting to try for years without turning to a video game, then I'm never going to quit long-term.  Granted I love being outside and there's severe restrictions on that, but there's other things to explore that can often feel like 'wasting time'.  I'm lucky in that I'm still employed and working from home, however I can understand people who are struggling financially at the moment might be more vulnerable to addiction from a wide range of behaviours. 

Anyway, welcome to the Forum! 

I always think for a geek like me who loved story based video games, there's so many slow burning activities that can replace gaming and be meaningful like writing, reading, painting miniatures etc.  They don't offer the instant gratification or feedback that games do but I find people are more interested when I talk about it and I feel a sense of pride just by mentioning it.

Let me know if you want to discuss anything more 🙂

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