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Pulling an all nighter


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Hey everyone.

So my question is what do you think about all nighters.

Not for gaming but for producitvity.

Usually I sleep for 2 weeks 8 hours, from 10pm to 6am.

After a while I am not able to sleep in. So for normal I pull all nighters to work at my private projects.
Some of those projects also started to earn me some money.

But it's always harder to get throught the next day if you did not sleep. You propably all know that.

So are there more reasons to somehow force you to sleep or at least get 5 hours of sleep?
Or would you also continue to stay up that rare times you can not fall asleep?

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When I can't sleep i'll listen to some guided sleep meditation. I've heard some people just work better at night-time too (my sibling) though at the cost of being tired the next day or even being late or missing out on some stuff. I think you should do what you feel is best and make whatever adjustments you feel are comfortable.

Personally the only time I did all nighters, I wasn't doing schoolwork at all or being productive. Sometimes i'd just be drinking, smoking pot, gaming ect. (Storytime) Most of the time back then tho, i'd sneak out at around 10pm, meetup with some friends, go back home at around 4am (before my parent wakes up for work), then just stay up and go to school (I had a massive crush on someone at the time, if not for them I just wouldn't of gone at all lol). Sometimes I just brought some school stuff to my friend's place and went straight to school the next morning (they lived closer to it). My lifestyle wasn't great back then, I didn't care about school and was smoking pot anytime I had the chance.

I use to be a night-owl but I enjoy going to bed early now. The peaceful hours you get by staying up late, you can get by waking up early. I changed from being a night-owl cause I felt like I lost more hours in the day and I usually sleep 12 hrs which is too much. But now i've been sleeping about 7 hrs now that I go to bed earlier.

Can't say one way is worse than the other, I think whatever works best for you is good.

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I give myself one day of the week to sleep in as long as I like, which is usually Saturdays.  Every other day of the week is spent working or doing projects.  Some of my projects I do until later at night, which would be around 11:30 p.m.

I wake up regularly at 6:30 a.m. on most days.  And never sleep past 8:00 a.m. on my days off, except for when I sleep in on Saturday.

My body needs rest as soon as the weekend strolls along, and I can really feel it.  So, I don't give myself such a hard time if I sleep in on Saturdays.  I think that I work hard at my job, and fill my spare time with hobbies, that it's a well-deserved longer sleep.  

Everyone works differently, though.  It's great that you stepped back to analyse how your sleep patterns are.  

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