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I'm on my 2 oder 3rd day and  notice that I make little improvements in life but at the same time.

My question: why is that despite I'm making little improvement in real life you can be proud of  that you feel uncomfortable and restless and would highly go back to games?

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You're still very early into your detox. Keep focusing on those daily improvements but don't stress over them. When quitting something I've found that the beginning and around 2-3 months in is the hardest. In the beginning you stop doing something that you did for hours each day (most of us) and at the 2-3 month point you become complacent and may think "it won't be bad to play just a little." At that point you risk falling into old habits. I would suggest getting a notebook and write down things that you can do in free time so you can avoid being idle. Being idle in the beginning can be very dangerous.

Just to reiterate, take it one day at a time and make sure to have backups just in case you get bored. If you have anymore questions then just feel free to ask ?

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When you get to the 20 day range, things become a lot easier because your new routine will have taken root. That's when you start getting a whole lot more clarity and begin making plans for post the detox. Be careful of having too much spare time - that's an opportunity for your brain to tell you that it's ok to game and you have nothing to lose - just like @EpicJ0J0 said.

Until then, keep changing your environment!

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