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Urge to Relapse is strong


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Hello all,


I've been trying to quit World of Warcraft. I've played this game off and on since it came out. I managed to quit and stay away for 4 years while in college. It was hard, but being surrounded by so many people and having so many different groups to participate in made it not bad.


After graduating college and finding myself alone in a job I absolutely hated, I found myself turning to an old habit. I have a different job now which isn't as bad, but I've still been struggling with stopping gaming. I spent all of September quitting the game for a few days only to return. I never made it past one week in September.


Today I've been without gaming the longest period of time since graduating college. On Day 10. I feel like im losing my mind though. In the morning before waking up I have dreams about the game. I wake up with very strong urges. I start my day by meditating and going to the gym, so I eventually get over the feelings, but today they keep coming back, even at work. I Honestly dont know if I can make it. I know I need to but the last few days have been really hard. The first week wasn't so bad, but the urge to relapse right now feels so strong. On September 29th , I deleted my battlenet account ENTIRELY, but my brain I can tell wants to just rebuy the game and start over with classic.


I think I will make it through today, but I know the weekend will be hard. I was planning to start doing Brazilian Jiujitsu again like in college as a replacement competitive social hobby, I started learning to code right now as a more individual hobby, but that alone dosent really seem enough, I know I need more. I hurt my wrist lifting weights which held me back from starting BJJ again this week. I think should be able to do it next week. I am worried about making it through the next few days though, it seems like the urges have gotten stronger now than when I initially started.

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On 1/8/2020 at 2:30 PM, Netzwerker said:

the best way to remove urges is stop watching/thinking of games .

I agree in principle but it's a lot easier said than done unfortunately! Take it from me! 😄

If you have the discipline for it, when the cravings come, try to distract yourself from it. Do something else entirely. Go for a walk. Read something.

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The urges/cravings come, some days hard and some days you will not notice them.

There is an opportunity to grow every time an urge comes your way - try identify the trigger that is creating the urge - is it the actual game? Is there an emotion attached to it?

Each time if you can identify what is transpiring in your life you can confront it and heal.

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