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Is Discord Bad? Alternatives to Discord?


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I have a community on Discord that I frequent, related to a game. We didn't just discuss about the game - we shared fanart, translated comics and even vented our frustrations.

There, I really felt like I was part of an actual community. But I realised that I spent too much time on Discord. In lectures, instead of taking notes or listening, I had a tab open and kept chatting. 

It really consumed me, but on the other hand I have other communities in Discord that I need (like clubs). Should I drop Discord anyway?

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i have discrod but i deleted all games from my laptop , it depends how to use discord , i use it for making online friends and meet new people but i try not to use it more than 1 or 2hours in day. dont make is addiction like gaming

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I think discord is bad to be honest. It promotes people staying on the computer and lounging in discussion with fake friends. They're real people, don't get me wrong, but some of the lounge communities, especially the very discord related to this website, have people staying at their computers for hours spending their time talking on it. You're not changing your environment from gaming and many people on there eventually relapse. I had to leave the discord because it was just becoming a place for people to supplant their gaming time with discord time. Not many of the users on there replace their gaming time with hobbies or interests.

But it's all in the eye of the beholder. Take some time away from it and see how you feel. If you feel no pull to it then it probably isn't an issue.

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I'm only on two servers on discord, gamequitters and a coin collectors one. I spent way too much time on it too, even though it was 'productive' material, it's not a great use of my time still. Both servers aren't as active either. I ended up dropping discord, but I should check back on it since I did make a good friend and he's like an accountability partner in a way.

It's definitely best to find a physical group of people instead. Find a new place to get that social need.

Edit: I'm not in university (I do TAFE), but I heard that they have plenty of clubs for social stuff too. That's definitely somewhere to start.

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