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What is your Favorite Anime and Manga?


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Never really been into it, years ago my friends recommended me a few things to watch and I enjoyed it tho. Probably typical stuff everyones heard of. Full Metal Alchemist, Tokyo Ghoul, Death Parade, Death Note, Psychopass, that kinda genre/stuff. Haven't pursued it further, I don't really watch TV shows or movies anymore. There's a few I don't remember the name of and a few I liked but never finished watching (I tend to forget plots really quick).

Tho i've always wondered what the appeal is? Maybe that there's just lots of choice? I like that pretty much anyone can make it (In Japan? Haha) and it seems like more of a free market imo, not too sure.

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I know that might sound shallow to hardcore anime/manga fans but mine is Dragon Ball Z. Just like one youtuber put it - Dragon Ball Z at it's heart is a story about facing impossible odds and using the hardship of that experience to transform yourself and become what you were born to be. That's the story of Gohan in my eyes, at least up to the Cell saga. Or Goku during the fight with Frieza which was simply hopeless during its first half. I also like the TFS interpretation according to which the main theme of DBZ is that a person is a lot stronger than he or she thinks they are. Often enemies, hardships we face in life help us to unlock that power dormant in our hears. That's how I see all the challenges Z fighters face - they are metaphores for various struggles of life and the whole story displays how those hardships develop us as people. 

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I've been watching a lot of anime the last 5 years.

Lately I've been watching more and more slice of life shows since they lean heavily on real life & more realistic scenarios. I believe watching the slice of life genre can help me building me my new life with less addiction and may even act as a model I can then relate to. For example if the characters that are being shown from time to time in their work place, makes trying out jobs in real life less scary to me.

I can heavily recommend Hataraku Mao-Sama!, "Working" series, "Golden Boy", "NHK ni Youkosou" or "ReLife" in that regard. The latter is more about school life though.

It's also somehow really relaxing to me watching this genre.

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