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Question of the week: What's your favourite quote?

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Day 24

gone to bed: 23.20

woke up: 06.40

Very glad to be back in this "NoFap" mindset and I think I wanna just continue it like I did before. 

Today I spent a lot of time on Youtube and I'm not very happy about it. Watched some discussions about abortion and the political left. But I did go to the gym and read a bit in my french book. I also went to the doctor and he now gives me drug to lower my stress and stop the symptoms. In the evening I had a great time with friends from the church. We ate together, prayed, sang and played some poker afterwards. It was exciting but I came home at 02.00 in the morning, what was a bit late.

I'm grateful for:

  • other friends that are there for me
  • the camera, I got from my mother because of my birthday
  • taking good care of myself

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Day 25

gone to bed: 02.20

woke up: 07.40

I was not very productive. Gym was good, went for a walk outside as well so that's good. Got a new haircut and I feel way better now in terms of look. Watched a film. I feel a bit sad, because I try to distance myself from my female friend and take a break from her for quite some time. One way I feel free again and open for new friendships, otherwise I hope that one day we get back together. Gaming gives me some urges, because Path of Exile released the trailer for the new league. Gotta stay strong here! 

I'm grateful for:

  • music
  • the storm and rain in the afternoon, that calmed me down
  • my cute cat
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