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To quit gaming


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Hi everyone, I'm Amir. I've been playing video games ever since I was 5 years old. First with PS1 and then all the PlayStation consoles up until now. Although I quit for around 3 years when I entered high school but now I'm playing again. I even wrote some articles about gaming and got paid for them. But honestly, that's not who I want to be and I've wasted quite some time on video games. First It was normal action games on PS1 but then video games got more addictive and more time-consuming, like Clash Of Clans, LOL, Clash Of royale. And as a professional goal, I want to be accepted in a medical school this year but we all know how hard that is and I have to study 10-14 hours a day to get there!!! Pray for me LOL. So here I am; deciding to quit gaming for eternity and start studying like hell. (Also English isn't my native language so if you saw any grammatical mistakes please forgive me.)

Also it's great to know other people who want to quit gaming or have quit. I would appreciate all the help I can get, Thank you.

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hi Amir!

welcome to the community ?

for every hour I played I wish I could have studied...

read some journals, write something in somebody's journal if you want

start yours, somebody will write something

we're all connected

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