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My name is Brandon and I am looking to find something else to do with my life outside of work that isn't video gaming. Gaming has been a big part of my life for a long time but now it seems like all I do or can do with how my life has turned out. In high school after each day I would pass the time gaming when I got home. I was a smart kid if I applied myself but gaming was far more interesting then school. So my grades suffered. I felt like my social skills suffered as well as I would be gaming when all the other kids would be hanging out with each other. I was also a big push over (and still am) when people would try to mess with me. I didn't care for confrontation. Because of this, I would get sad and not understand why. I could give you million reasons why my world was shit but I never really understood emotions or what influence them or even identify my emotions. I was a loose cannon of pent up emotions with no understanding of what made them tick. but gaming was an escape for me for this confusing world that was unfair and made no sense. When i graded from high school i had a few close friends who i would go party with on the weekends with. We would just get plastered and try pick up chicks. This ended up with me being eventually ostracized from my friends because I relied on a lot of booze to get me through social situations and when I wasn't drunk, I was just a boring guy who used to play hockey and now just games most of the time while holding down a full time job. I also moved around a lot to I guess find some healthy change but everywhere I lived, I would just end up sitting in my room alone gaming by myself. This brought me into a deep state of depression. I started on anti-depressants when I was around 22 and still are on them. Im 31 now. I also have self-medicated trying to get over social anxiety which has probably made my depression worse. I have abused kratom as its an easy escape from feelings as well but, its addictive, has bad withdrawls, and loses its effect over time where you have to use more and more. Last December I was gaming hard. Playing Fallout 76 non-stop. Jan 1 I said I would pull my xbox out from the tv and stash it somewhere. I have done this and haven't gamed since the 1st. Its been hard with all this time with nothing to do. Some days I would just come home and lay in bed. Other times, I am either on reddit browsing and commenting, watching Canucks games or watching Netflix. I also have been reading a lot of self-help stuff which brought me here to hopeful start taking me in the right direction with my life so I can feel more happier.


My name is Brandon and I am trying to find more positive things to do with my lackluster life.

Thanks for reading.

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Hey Brandon! Glad you find this community. I know how you feel, because I to suffer from severe anxiety and discomfort when communicating with people. My suggestion would be, not only quit gaming(you already did this), but also youtube, mindless internet surfing(just use fb for chatting, nothing more). Try doing sports at home! It is one of the easiest activities against boredom to achieve. (You can find 60+ hobbies in the game quiters website). Also, last one thing, start journal in this forum, it will help you to track your progress and lay it off whats on your mind.

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Hey Brandon, it' great to meet you. I have a few suggestions that you can start from:

  • You can do sports (like Gaming Zombie said).
  • You can try out new things (e.g. carpentry and woodworking if you never tried it before).
  • You can look out for volunteer and job opportunities.
  • You can also get in touch with your family and/or friends.

I hope you the best for the next months.

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