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islam mohamed

Real world VS fantasy world

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why am i so addicted to video games? 

i tell you why. because i found what i need in it when i was 8 years ago when my father bought our first computer ...

you see in real life  you go to school in the morning to start a cycle of endless pranks  ,jokes and laughter of the other students , you return home and you get nagged by your parents and guess what? another cycle of joking at me by my big brother starts (god i hate my child hood) , 

after lunch i turn on my computer and then every problem i have disappear how?   you see in the world of video games

  • every thing is your choice
  1. your own world (zombies, future, medieval ages,or other any fantasy world )
  2. your own character(male or female , beautiful and handsome or creepy , young or old,smart or strong , wizard or warrior,human or monster etc)

unlike your real life(my life) you didn't chose this world or this life either 

  •  every thing is easy
  1. you can do hundreds of achievements in a few hours in your fantasy world that will take years in your real life ( wealth , fame , power , respect of the others people in the game , etc)
  2. did you fail in the game?? its ok just press the load game button and try again (unlike your real life you have to face the consequences of your failure,am i right?)

your story......your world.........your character.......your achievements.......your desires........more and more however

when i turn off my computer its time to face how you are  in real life ..... a joke who has no talent (unless you are calling pressing a couple of buttons on a keyboard  or a controller a talent)

which made you want to forget who you are so you keep playing and ignoring your real life until you became 22 years old  waow  how many hours did you waste in this virtual unreal world 

and i see that your social life had a tough days as well as your grades in college  ,    and now at last you finally decided that 

  1. you need help
  2. you have gaming disorder 
  3. this can't continue forever
  4. even though you didn't chose your own character in reality  yet you chose your actions in it 
  5. you need some thing to give you self-confidence in yourself again
  6. you have to improve your self (the real you not some sort of fictional character in a game that you spend hours and hours to improve it {some cases spend money as well} and then you forget yourself)


and by word you i mean me 

thank you so much for listening to my long topic




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Welcome to the forums! I have to relate with you about the facts that video games once were more exhilarating than real life because of what they have to offer. I hope you stay strong in dealing with your video game addiction.

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Quality post, amen to most if not all of the things you wrote. I really think you hit on the head what makes gaming so appealing to people like me.

Welcome to the forums btw! Hope to see you around regularly 🙂

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