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  1. glad on you are on forth day but liquor store is not a solution to quit games (since alcohol destroies lives as well) i am afraid i think the solution is you need a hobby that gives you self-confidence and give it a certain time in your schedule https://gamequitters.com/hobby-tool/
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    now that is not a topic you see every day (you got my attention)
  3. wow mr samon are you talking about yourself or are you talking about me if i want to tell my story to others i will say the exact things you said (except one thing i was addicted to dota 2 not lol) , dota 2 is the exact same thing (MOBA,ranked games, 5 vs 5 , supports, tanks ,midplayes,tournaments) i spent 2700 hours on dota in 3 years only here let me show my my profile i decided to learn a new language (japanese ) so i love watching anime ...you said you want to learn a new language i recommend doulingo web site 4 uhttps://www.duolingo.com/ you can learn any hundreds of languages on it ( i hope you register and i will add you as a friend you on it) its so easy to learn a language on it よろしく i like programming as well ....but i don't have guides so i hope you help me ありがとうございます
  4. what do you mean are you hungry ? i meant to ask how hungry you are for gaming improvement you see in my case when i was a teen i was hungry for improvement (or that was i thought back then) i just wanted a bite , but in case of gaming i was not hungry i was starving i would spend my holidays wasting my precious time that i should use it to improve my self instead i used it to improve a fictional character called cj(gta san andrease) .. the problem is video games technology are improving every year.....better graphics.......better story.......better achievements....better everything, so the fictional character that i spent my precious time to improve changes every now and then cj (gta sandrease) ,altair,ezio,conar,edward(assassin series) vann(final fantasyxii) argonian,nord,imperial,dark elf,wood elf(elder scrolls skyrim) when i went to college and i am 19 years old i spent hundreds of hours but who cares? i was still good at my studies since like i said i wanted a little bite of improvement these days until one of my friends that liked games as well introduced me to one game ( never thought that such a moment could change entire 3 years of my life) the conversation was like that: hi islam hi (........) have you ever played a game called DOTA 2? no never heard of it. its a famous online game. no, i hate online games they are always free to play however they are pay to win . no this one is different, you only pay to make your character looks better so it depends only on skill and its 100%free. you are kidding me right? there are even tournaments that are made where gamers made a career for them selves(professional gamers) win millions of dollars. no way, so what do you say wanna give it a try ,it will be fun. i guess i will. why?why?why?did i ever listened to him dota2 was different....it made me a different person as if it was a drug....... remember when i told i wanted a little hungry for improvement no not any more .... i was only hungry or shalli say starving for only one thing callded defense of the ancients 2 i ignored my studies in collage that my grades went from A to D+(i even got F in two exams ....i never got F before) i spent 2700 hours in 3 years only on this game only according to my profile here let me show you: 3)did i stop at that point?nooooooooooooooooooo......i would watch hours and hours of you tube guides and tournaments that i am cannot get a record for it i knew that game has ruined me so i deleted it but i kept re installing it ( i did that 4 times in those 3 years) why?because even thought i deleted the game i never deleted my hunger for it ....the craving was insane i never felt boredom like that i tried to waste my time by playing other games but with no use ...... i want the satisfaction that i used to get from dota 2 so i installed it again my friend that told me about the game told me "why do you keep uninstalling it,you are still playing other games instead of it so you are literally still wasting your time so enjoy the game " he was half right and half wrong .............he was right that i was still wasting my time when i deleted the game ....... .he was wrong that i should enjoy the game i have to delete my hunger for the game, not the game otherwise i am just repeating the cycle i need something different........i had a hobby during my teenager time to watch anime so i decided to learn the Japanese language to understand the anime ).....guess what it worked who thought that learning a new language will make me stop the game for 6 months )....i got hope that i will make change ...........however my big brother got a ps4 this year and he has 5 games of the top sales(GOD OF WAR 4,Assassin creed origins and odessy, witcher 3,GTA 5 and red ded redemption) all that in one year i think i spent over 15 houtrs on (assassin creed origins,god of war and gta5) .....i donnot want to spent more time on the ps4 ......learning a new language is keeping me away from it but its not enough ......i need your help....by listening to my thoughts telling me your stories giving me advice thank you so much for listening to my long topic if this is the first topic you read from me i recommend you see that topic its called (Real world vs Fantasy world) don't worry its not ass tall as that one i prmoisehttps://forum.gamequitters.com/index.php?/profile/3010-islam-mohamed/
  5. i am afraid deleting the game is not a solution my friends (trust me i know) how ? i will tell you but first let me tell you my story i am 22 years old i use to game called dota(a game that looks like league of legends) , i played this game 3 years ago , according to my steam profile i played 2700 hours of this game in 3 years only here let me show you and so i can be better in the game i watched hundreds of you tube guides and tournaments ......... before this game i got A in most if not all my studies in college after playing i barely got a C or D and guess what for the first time in my life i got F (fail) in 2 of the most important subjects in college ( what do u expect 2700 goddamn hours ) , i even downloaded a reference for the game so i can study it can u imagine i uninstalled it over 4 times with no use ......since its free to play (like fortnite) i installed it again and again why? because dota 2 gave self-confidence like any thing else in my life because during the time that i deleted the game i felt bored so i kept browsing youtube mindlessly which was booooooring (compared to playing)so i reinstalled it again 4 times with no use so let me tell you the solution 1)you have find a hobby that gives you self-confidence like sports , learning a new language , drawing etc (i don't know that since we are not the same in our interest ) i reccommend that you look at these https://gamequitters.com/hobby-tool/ find the suitable hobby that you were interested in before fortnite that gives you the confidence that you need in your self ( in my case i always wanted to learn a new language so i decided to learn Japanese since i love watching anime ) 2) stay away from your friends that still play fortnite , and if they asked you about anything that considers fortnite avoid it ,,try talking about something else ( i had a friend that dragged me to dota 2 , every time i uninstall dota 2 he kept dragging me again and guess what 2 months ago he tried to drag me to PUBG i told him "naaaaaaaah i am good thanks ") 3) avoid mindlessly browsing the internet (because that is what i was doing and almost every one after they quit video games) the more offline you are the better (try reading) do these steps and i promise you will uninstall the game on your own will (not by your parents or someone else will) because you would have finally found your own self-confidence
  6. why am i so addicted to video games? i tell you why. because i found what i need in it when i was 8 years ago when my father bought our first computer ... you see in real life you go to school in the morning to start a cycle of endless pranks ,jokes and laughter of the other students , you return home and you get nagged by your parents and guess what? another cycle of joking at me by my big brother starts (god i hate my child hood) , after lunch i turn on my computer and then every problem i have disappear how? you see in the world of video games every thing is your choice your own world (zombies, future, medieval ages,or other any fantasy world ) your own character(male or female , beautiful and handsome or creepy , young or old,smart or strong , wizard or warrior,human or monster etc) unlike your real life(my life) you didn't chose this world or this life either every thing is easy you can do hundreds of achievements in a few hours in your fantasy world that will take years in your real life ( wealth , fame , power , respect of the others people in the game , etc) did you fail in the game?? its ok just press the load game button and try again (unlike your real life you have to face the consequences of your failure,am i right?) your story......your world.........your character.......your achievements.......your desires........more and more however when i turn off my computer its time to face how you are in real life ..... a joke who has no talent (unless you are calling pressing a couple of buttons on a keyboard or a controller a talent) which made you want to forget who you are so you keep playing and ignoring your real life until you became 22 years old waow how many hours did you waste in this virtual unreal world and i see that your social life had a tough days as well as your grades in college , and now at last you finally decided that you need help you have gaming disorder this can't continue forever even though you didn't chose your own character in reality yet you chose your actions in it you need some thing to give you self-confidence in yourself again you have to improve your self (the real you not some sort of fictional character in a game that you spend hours and hours to improve it {some cases spend money as well} and then you forget yourself) and by word you i mean me thank you so much for listening to my long topic
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