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I arrive


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Hi everyone!

John here having finally decided to try out this 90 day detox. 

I started gaming when i was about 12, bought myself a Nintendo DS (I had my own source of income and nothing to spend it on); originally it was intended to be used in conjunction with the DS my brother was to be buying, but he 'chickened out' and returned his. Then in 7th grade our dad bought us all a Nintendo 64: to this day we play it like a board game, it isn't an issue.

Growing up with video games viewed in a positive light allowed me to enjoy them whilst excelling in school and making lasting friendships (however few). However after I graduated high school, I had much more free-time to game, and started digging myself into a pit. I moved away from home to go to university and with the sudden freedom realized my ability to waste hours on end at will. I still did fairly well in school, and even had the positive influence of getting help from gaming friends to figure out some career ideas. I dropped out of university to pursue full-time work while bringing up my GPA so I could switch programs (having originally been in engineering my GPA was sitting around a 2). 

I haven't had a terrible experience with gaming overall, but I have noticed that my relationship with my father is rocky, and my genetic disposition towards depression isn't helping. I decided to start the 90 day detox kind of just to see what will happen, I don't think I'll just give up entirely in games, but learning how to build good habits, as well as shield my brain from any possible damage before it becomes permanent is my goal. So to the strength to go 90 days game free I leap!

Help me out and feel free to be friendly :) 

I promise I don't bite and I'm pleasant to talk to


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