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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

Let's see if I can get out of this mess


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Things have finally got so bad I need to make some drastic changes. Went back to university after a long long break, and messed it up completely. I was supposed to be graduating right now, but after talking to the student councelor this week the earliest I can get everything done is by next June - if I don't fail anything. And I knew this of course, but still just played 14+ hours a day, stressed out, enjoying none of it. 

Tried removing all my games earlier this year. That worked for a few weeks. But then I just browsed the internet, watched twitch, youtube, imgur... anything but what I was supposed to. Then I thought "just play in the evenings, it'll be a nice reward for getting some work done". That worked for a day, by the second day I was playing right when I woke up and never stopped. It's the strangest thing, I know I'm not really enjoying gaming, haven't in a long time, but I just keep doing it. 

Been reading this forum for a few weeks, and reddits stopgaming and nosurf and trying to come up with solution that will actually work for me. Moderation is right out, I just can't help myself at this point. I feel like sitting in front of the computer for at least 8-10 hours a day, and even up to 16 for years and years, has just wrecked my ability to think and concentrate. Even while playing I'm watching twitch or youtube. Can't watch a movie without browsing the net or looking at my phone. Reading a book is a struggle. 

Can't get rid of my computer, but I think I need to get on by without the Internet. That way I'll only be at the computer when I need to write or code. So I think i'll remove my ethernet cable, write down what I need to look up on the net during the day and then turn on mobile net for that, once a day. Part of me is saying this is too much at once, but I just think I need a big break from all these screens and entertainment. I'll regret this tomorrow morning , but this needs to happen. Can't go on like this. So, I'm committing to 90 days. No more excuses. I'm sure it will suck, but it's so bad already I doubt it can get much worse. 

Anyway, plan for today: 

delete all games, steam and battle.net. 

Delete twitch account and remove all useless youtube subs.

Clear my phone from games and useless apps. 


Tomorrow I need to map and write down all the work I need to get done this month, and try to get started on some of it. Also need to start thinking how I want to fill up my free time. But that'll come later, just need to get this started. Tomorrow is day 1. 

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Wish you the best man!

Computer/Internet bring us the concentration power of a gold fish. Exactly the situation you describe is totally normal. We  cant concentrate us on anything anymore. Even games like u say. And I also feel you when u say you dont like those games but u still play. Its the same for me. I used to play league and it was soooo bullshit. Still played it. Now i am away from it 19days and thats good so. 


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Tried to stay out of my apartment for most of the day, and managed to loan all the books I need. Other than that didn't get much done. Cleaned my kitchen at least, so I guess that's something. Better than playing anyway. Pretty long day, but went surprisingly well all things considered. 

Realized today all my music is streamed, so that no-internet plan took quite a hit. Need to figure something out for that. Guess I could just block youtube, twitch and the like completely. Oh well, 1/90 done. 

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