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Relapsing to different things


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It seems like the brain is trying to find a way to get that 'same level' of excitement through porn and masturbation ever since I left gaming couple of days ago. I have two problems: craving and boredom.


Although I do have lot of hanging out with mate, part time job, studies and cycling (in winter the weather is normally not good) to deal with the two, it seems the source of my problems come through my phone and thus can't get sleep for most of the night. Sometimes I feel iike I don't have self control and gaming helped me get away from porn and that shit. Any suggestions?

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On 11/13/2018 at 5:12 PM, sick'n'tired said:

To be control of my own life if i were to put it short but precise would be to be a professor, good pay, and away from crutches of porn, and gaming; basically be the master of myself. 

That s mine too !


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This is, by no means, the perfect advice, but I suggest that you can tap in your energy in your hobbies. Doing workouts and household chores can be distractions for your addiction. I can tell you my hobbies and few other things-to-do when you are bored:

  • Drawing
  • Writing Stories and Poems
  • Sports (My favorite is swimming.)
  • Get in touch and hang out with your family and/or friends.
  • Make a reminder for every thing you need to do (other than gaming and watching porn).

I hope this helps. ?

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What I like to do when I get bored and want to avoid doing the things that my brain wants to do when it is bored is:

1. I go out without my phone nor credit card and I get on a bus or train or any other vehicle. It helps me to think what I can do (instead of getting bored). Then I write the things that come up to my mind. When I think I have enough I get back home and start doing them. Some of them are long term (not possible to do that day so...)

2. I keep a list of things to do when I have nothing to do (aka to avoid boredom). When I'm trying to do sth productive like studying (especially online) then dozens of ideas spring into my mind about what I could be doing right now (instead of doing the productive thing). I take note of them on the list instead (it takes about 3 seconds, I keep the list open on second monitor). It tricks my brain into thinking that I accepted and planned to do the thing that it wanted to do, but the list is actually pretty large Lol. Seldom do I do any of the distracting activities after taking note of them. But when I'm bored I review the list and do something I noted or... go back to step 1. Or if that doesn't work either then I engage in an activity that I can do always and it's positive like singing, praying, cooking, tidying up etc.


I hope u can get sth for yourself from my experience


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