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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

Hi, new to the forums

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Video games has been part of my entire life. Ever since I was a child my parents got me the SNES. From there i have developed the passion for video games. I've owned every console generation PS1- PS4, Wii- Switch, and PC. Video games has been a form an escape. It also gave me the false sense of pride and accomplishment whenever I leveled/ranked up or progressed further into the game. I have quit video games since April 2018, but I haven't utilized that time properly. I ended up binge watching on netflix and anime. I ended up relapsing back in September with the masterpiece indie Hollow Knight. Gaming/TV hasn't affected my academic studies, but it has affected my physique (as I don't work out) and social aspect.

I'm looking forward to your support.

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It's really hard quitting games when you don't have something to fill the void. I found it's common for most gamers to binge tv shows and anime because they're so encompassing and provide that stimulus and dopamine rush we craved from gaming. I found that I had to focus on activities that could become a lifestyle. I started a podcast about hockey because I love hockey. It takes up 3 nights a week where I can't game at all. I also have something of a finished product each week. I also joined meetup, the app where you join groups for activities. Hiking and board games help me get my craving for adventure and talking with people out in a more realistic way and I've enjoyed it. 

My advice to you is be patient and don't beat yourself up for not finding a new way of life yet. Try hobbies and write yourself letters of encouragement like you would to a friend on Facebook or email if they were suffering and you wanted them to feel better. 

Good luck and keep planning ahead. 



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5 hours ago, Matt S said:

It's really hard quitting games when you don't have something to fill the void.

Definitely true. But even if you have other hobbies, that doesn't mean you will just do them instead. How many of us had great hobbies and activities, but we instead chose to game? This is because gaming gave more instant gratification and didn't require any effort at all. The same thing with binge watching. It is an instant, gratifying escape from reality and that can be more appealing than any other activity that would actually provide you long-term satisfaction or happiness. So the point is to be very intentional about how you spend your time. Always keeping in mind why you want to quit(games and binge-watching) and always pushing yourself to chose your other activities over escapism, even when you have a bad day or just don't feel good. If things are handy dandy, it's easy, no problem. When things are not going as expected, that is when your COMMITMENT has to come in. 

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