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Is anyone else's daily life simply about surviving?


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Here's what I mean by surviving. A typical pattern of my daily life is to get up and do the basic morning stuff, go do the things I have to do like classes and other obligations, then get back home and sit in front of the computer or go to bed, sometimes both at the same time, and try not to think about all the stuff that I have to do the next day. If I have a free day than it's computer and bed all the time, with as much sleeping as possible.

And that's it. Sometimes I study. I eat well and exercise regularly, but otherwise all I wanna do is forget about my life as often as possible.

Does anyone else have the same thing?

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Yes I know that feeling. I guess that's also why so many fall into escapism and play games and flee into the virtual world / internet.

I for my part am currently trying to find a passion, which is not easy to find for me.

I heard it takes a lot of trying out stuff so one can find his/her passion. Some people take months, some years just to find it. Something you really burn for and if it's part of your job, you'd gladly do it and even work overtime like it's nothing.

Without interests / hobbies the world is just dull to me. I don't know how much stuff you've tried out already that is out there in the world - but my big project right now is to go out and try new things. First I do my research on the internet or brainstorm, then I search via search engines like Google for example, where these things are in my local area.

For example, I want to try out shogi(Japanese chess) and found out, that there's a group in my city, meeting once a week. Did the same with volleyball, so I can try these things and if I like them and they're fun I will keep doing them. Maybe then one day a passion develops for one of these.

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Definitely had that vibe in the past and ultimatly I think that is why I am here, with games I think you just merely exist.

I find that any interest in other hobbies is dulled by gaming and therfore I don't find anything else as interesting.

But i'm hoping it is just a matter of persistance and that the more time you spend off the games then your interest in other hobbies will grow. I think it is good to have a routine in place where you have set task in the day as they can give you a sense of achievement, and these don't nessesarily have to be massive achievements, they have to be proportionate to where you are in your life, sometime even simply taking a shower can be an achievement.

For me I alwasy start with making my bed and go from there.

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To be honest... For me this used to be the case at some point in my life, but not anymore...

This has to do with the countless hobbies I pursue like archery, martial arts, calisthenics, making music, writing stories, personal development, reading and writing, etc.  as well as with a shift in mindset when it comes to gratitude and excitement. I try to incorporate adventure into everyday life by discovering new places in my area, trying new potential hobbies, consuming "good" content (exciting books, intriguing films) and training my body/mind. 

I also keep an eye out on trying to be grateful for ordinary pleasures like sleeping in a made bed, eating self-prepared food, being able to shower, use electricity, etc.

Most days are exciting and stimulating for me... having an ordinary day is kind of the exception for me...

@SuperSaiyanGod Did you simply ask because you wanted to know if someone feels the same way or would like to get some advice on how to change the situation?

I would love to help, but I'd need some proper questions to work with...



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