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Turning my life around


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Hi I'm Pete and I'm deciding to quit gaming cold turkey for 100 days (it'll be my birthday by then - a nice gift). Throughout my childhood I've had numerous 8-14 hour days of playing MMO RPGs (mainly). They were fun at first - I used to spend the most time playing amongst my friends and naturally allowed me to progress the quickest - with any game, that is. Initially, doing so made me feel good about myself, but after some time - I felt embarrassed to be able to claim that I have progressed so far as to rank top 100 across multiple games. I was wasting a lot of time moving on from one game to the next. I did not know how to direct all this energy that craves constant measurable growth into a productive path.

This habit did not seem like too big a problem during elementary school through high school - I still enjoyed studying and learning and was able to pull through with pretty good grades. But around college life however, I realized that this habit of mine has occupied my mind so much and shaped me into being an irresponsible person. Still I could get some good grades but I spent so much of my time wasted on gaming, even in class I would game. I did not think much about my future and constantly thought of when I could next play some more.

Fast forward to graduation day - I didn't have a job, I was still gaming a lot and could not effectively bring myself to think about other more productive things in life. Within 3 months time I finally landed a job and worked quite responsibly without gaming for about 3 months. Things happened and I had to leave my job; it was then when I completely lost it. Over the next 3 years I have worked jobs and have even started a business but I would have bad relapses that would absolutely kill my productivity and restart my momentum.

I feel like I've wasted so much time and opportunities and I really need to turn my life around so here is my commitment.

It's been nice reading some of your stories. I hope you all are able to stay committed and that we can all turn over a new leaf and respawn.

I'd also like to thank you Cam for wanting to help others that are struggling.

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