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Selling Steam?


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Is there anything I can do with Steam aside from just deleting my account?

All my computer-based gaming is done with Steam at this point. If I delete it, I'm making it that much more difficult to relapse (I'd feel like a chump for paying for the same games I've paid for before). 

At the same time, I've got 30+ games and tons of DLCs on there. Probably worth hundreds of dollars, if not over $1K.

Is there any way to get value from this? Selling the account, getting refunds, anything?

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On 8/11/2018 at 4:20 PM, stablish said:



There are a couple of forums for selling a steam account. You could try that, but definitely use a trusted middleman, else you get scammed.

My acc is around $500 but I dont care that much. Just delete, focus on something else, forget about it, win.

This. Check out this video:


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 I didn't know you can delete it actually. The thing is that it might be complicated to sell it because if someone is a gamer that means he has a steam already and if he is not why would he need it. The best thing is to find someone IRL to pay you in cash so you will be sure you won't be scammed and vice versa. I sold my account to one dude I knew for a symbolic price of 1k of Russian roubles it"s gotta be like 15 bucks or something because I really didn't care at that moment I just wanted to get rid off it from my life.

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