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My best friend died.

Some Yahoo

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Remember how I said I am an old dude so he wasn't a teen or anything.  In fact he was 57.  He was grossly overweight, not a gamer, but he did spend almost all of his time on the computer alone in a dark room.  His idea of video gaming was virtual chess, and something I think he called "civilization".  

He was depressed most of his life, he ate about 3 times as much as he should, and was closing in on 400 pounds.   He never married, and though he had a few girlfriends, they always eventually friend-zoned him.

He had a heart of gold.  He bought most of the furniture in my living room when we were a struggling young family, and he bought us a car "just because the Plymouth Voyager minivan we had was kind of a rattletrap.  He loved to take us to dinner.  He usually paid because he had no family and he knew we were struggling.  We almost always got together and did something on weekends - usually involving Chinese food or pastrami.  He wore bib overalls to weddings and funerals.

He had weird taste in movies and music.  He hated all things Microsoft, and really had no idea why everyone in the world would not use Linux.  He was well over 6' and looked like Hagrid from Harry Potter.  I have heard him say "codswallop" in an English accent.

He opened every phone call or voicemail with either the words "Hello, my friend" or for women, "Hello, beautiful".

On Memorial Day Sunday I got worried that he wasn't returning my calls, and I went to his rented house and found him dead of an apparent heart attack.

Guys, our lives are long and our problems are mild.  I urge you to be kind and if at all possible, get a little exercise.


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