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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened


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Still have a chance to save my PhD... and the rest of my life. Gaming sucked my life and made my life suck.

About 10 years ago, I quit gaming, and it was awesome until I started relapsing about 2 years ago. I used it to escape life (again). It served well (again)...

Thank you, Cam, for preparing this program! I hope it helps me and others.

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Coming back. This time seriously, I guess?...

BTW, my introduction was way incomplete. I'm from Poland, probably have been addicted to gaming in middle and high school but stopped playing, relapsed 4 years ago. Half a year ago I did manage to have a month of detox and that changed my life which was basically collapsing. But I'm starting to play more again and I want to stop that, as I clearly can't moderate it.

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Hey man. First and foremost, congratulations for getting into your PhD program and sticking with it. It's easy to forget the good we've done when we're feeling anxious or guilty, but I find that a reminder can be a great starting point for us to change for the better. Keep working on yourself and degree; we're here to support you!

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