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Hello from Poland


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Hey Guys,

I struggle with gaming since I remember. The interesting pattern is I always stopped playing a game after I become really good at it. For last 10 years, I had 1-2 years gaps between 0,5 - 1 year of intense gaming and becoming at least mid skill on some particular games. And even if I'm not playing I wasting my time on Twitch.

I know I can invest this time better. Only this month I spent over 40 hours on twitch or playing Hearthstone. Now I'm afraid what if big counter-strike tournament will begin and I will have not enough power just to ignore it. Unfortunately, when I watch streams I start playing again. 

I don't want to hide any secrets from my family anymore. I started to feel guilty when I came back to gaming and I was playing in secret.

Since last Sunday I started my detox and I hope it will go well. I deleted all games from my both computers and I'm looking bright to the future.

Thumbs up!

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Welcome to the forum @pszenic!

Powerful words when you mentioned your family. If you feel regret, no matter if in the moment you're doing it it feels satisfying, that's the moment you should stop for real. 

Interesting what you said about stopping when you got a certain skill. Perhaps you were motivated by the challenge of taking up a new thing each time? You should think about the reasons and rewards that lead you to play and use this knowledge to help you find new activities during your detox. 

You'll find a supportive community here.

(And polish people. So many you guys are practically a meme in this place. Not that I complain, Poland is awesome.) 

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