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  1. Hey Guys, I struggle with gaming since I remember. The interesting pattern is I always stopped playing a game after I become really good at it. For last 10 years, I had 1-2 years gaps between 0,5 - 1 year of intense gaming and becoming at least mid skill on some particular games. And even if I'm not playing I wasting my time on Twitch. I know I can invest this time better. Only this month I spent over 40 hours on twitch or playing Hearthstone. Now I'm afraid what if big counter-strike tournament will begin and I will have not enough power just to ignore it. Unfortunately, when I watch streams I start playing again. I don't want to hide any secrets from my family anymore. I started to feel guilty when I came back to gaming and I was playing in secret. Since last Sunday I started my detox and I hope it will go well. I deleted all games from my both computers and I'm looking bright to the future. Thumbs up!
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