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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

There we go again -_-

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Since i lost my login and wasnt able to restore it i made a new account -_-

Iam back after 5 months. Started my first try last year in november but could not hold on to it. Now i started again 4 days back and it already feels like 30 years -_- I would say its good to be back but honestly its not :P I will tell you a bit about myself just again. Iam 39 years old and lost my soul to the MP of a shootergame 7 years back. Since that time my life has gone to shit. So when i read just a while back that video game addiction was classified as a disorder by the WHO i was like, wtf finally. So many people i think have the same problem and they dont get the help they need cz people think its just a period of time and dont take it serious. I will be happy to share some insights in my new journal and i look forward to read your stories too :)


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So, welcome back! The search function somewhat suffered from some kind of server error, but I am sure your old journal is still around somewhere. If not, well than that sucks but some content seems to have bitten the dust due the the mentioned server hick up.

Anyway, glad you found your way back and I hope your life journey will improve again!

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