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[DETOX] What are your thoughts on visual novels and gamification?


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I would like to know what your thoughts are on visual novels? 

Visual novels are mainly you play as the main character that faceless as you read character interaction with you as if their speaking to you like some may have voice acting, some maybe just be reading and some may different routes. 

Gamification: Is where you to take game elements and try to apply them to real life and make your life more into a video game. 

I have two apps called Burn your fat with me and Gochi show. 

1.Burn your fat with me falls is where I would do exercises with anime characters and the more I do the more I unlock and have been thinking of playing this again since it gains some real-world application to me. 

2.Gochi show which is the same principle but instead of exercising I m given recipes to learn and reward with more story with the more recipes I learn.

Both these fall in both the visual novel and gamification category so I m wondering is okay to play them if it has real-world benefits for me after your detox?

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Hi, I'm familiar with a website that uses the gamification principle; Habitica. As they advertise; it's an app/site used to gamify your life. I've considered it whilst I've been detoxing but for me I think its just too close to a game for me to feel comfortable with, I don't think I could use it productively without it making me crave games. Ultimately I don't want to gamify my life, I want to live it. However, that's  just my personal take on it. We're all different and if you can incorporate those things into your life in a productive way - that doesn't lead to cravings for actual games - then I'd say go for it! :) 

I'd still probably steer clear of them during the detox though, to give yourself time away from those reward-based systems, perhaps? 


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If you can use "game elements" to see real progress on your life, I don't see a problem. Most of exercise apps use some sort of "gamification" because, well, it gets people to exercise.

However, if you feel triggered while making use of those apps, that's your signal to stop with them. I'm with Bugg on this: it's better to stay clear from these reward based systems while on detox.

I used Habitica for a few months, one year ago. While I think it helps, the game elements (leveling up, boss fights, gear and skin customization, etc) quickly became a distraction. The good thing is the social element and accountability, but you can get those using different habit building apps.

As for now, the more I can do without my phone, the better.

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