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NEW VIDEO: The EASIEST Way to Stop Gaming

Hello everyone :)

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My name is NON.(Nickname) I’m 20. I have been playing games for 6 years since one of my friends introduced me to Steam. I usually play shooting games and watch YouTube gaming video to relax (2-8 hours LOL) but now I want to make a better life for me and my girlfriend+ my family. My gaming life affected me so much. I couldn’t concentrate in the classroom and it’s hard to read a book for the exam. I find Stopgaming in Reddit by coincidence and I decided to give it a chance by joining game quitters. Nice to meet you all :).

My 1st day of 90 detox day. : Uninstalled all my games from my laptop.

Updated: adding my story

6 years ago I wasn’t able to socialize with my classmate and I play a lot of games to ignore the pain of having no friends. Playing games become part of my life that affected my education in a bad way.3 years ago I made a couple of friends who also playing a game like me but they also had a life outside gaming. I felt jealous for them but I can’t quit gaming. I tried but I can’t.  2 Years ago I got together with my girlfriend and I surprised that when I told her about my gaming life and she didn’t hate it or ignore it at all. Now I'm studying computer science in University and I passed first year with bad grade. I knew that with my grade at the moment and my performance in studying, I cannot survive after graduated. I find stopgaming by coincidence and I decided to join game quitters to make my life better + making friends + practicing my English. (Since English is not my first language XD) I hope that after 90 days of detoxing I can kill three bird with one stone.

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Adding my story for more details
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Welcome. I had a lot of problems socializing in the past, and I escaped in videogames as you did. But the truth is that gaming is a loop that makes your life harder every day. It’s hard to make friends when you’re stuck in front of a pc. Congrats for deciding to quit!

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@Chaos_BoyYes Congrats on quitting gaming.  I'm 44 years old and I can testify that gaming for the most part never landed me real life friends (face to face) in my whole life.  

I'm on day 11.   I also tried college and I couldn't graduate, mostly from hedonism (at the time).  Now I find myself with no college graduation.  

I'm still trying to make friends and make the best of my life without gaming.


Good Luck, Bro.


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