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  1. Day 5 I almost forgot about the journal before going to sleep. This must be the worst day ever. I failed to review lessons and have to move them to the next morning. I hope that I can still make it in times.I shouldn't have waste my time watching The Accountant but I learnt something from the movie. Everyone have a hard time in our life. We have a choice to move on or keep suffering. Today I made a new friend. This was unexpected for me. At least it is worth it. He and I shared the same interest in new technology which is great to have someone to talk with. Maybe after finished the exam we will probably get to talk a lot.
  2. Meditation really help me get through the books but YouTube really keeps me distract from the books and I couldn't finish in time. Looks like I have to stop Watch YouTube for a while XD. I really need an alternative media for entertaining. It is hard to keep the activity goes on without taking a break or get myself some small reward.
  3. Goal for 4th Day - Review lessons of the next two days of the exam (1 hr. after lunch + after dinner to midnight) [Last night I slept only 4 hours and I decided to take a nap to recharge the energy. The alarm could not wake me up so I have to add lessons from day time to nighttime. More challenges for me XD. - Meditation 2 minutes
  4. @Cam Adair Noted. Thank you for the tip. I will try this tomorrow. 3rd Day Met my best friend at the canteen after finished my exam for today. Thank you god that I told him about game quitters and he is not against it. I told him that until my video games addiction is cured, he need something to kill time while waiting for me. It might be the ending of my gaming life but he is okay with it. Goal(make my life better : I'm not sure that after 90 days detoxing, I will have some immunity toward video games addiction) After dinner, I was losing motivation and had to watch Spider-man 2 to freshen my mind before continued to review lessons again. I almost clicked on gaming videos which they were many of them on the recommended list (YouTube) even today I'm not haunted by gaming voices but in my free time all I could do is reading a book for the exam next day. The exam last to Friday this week and is so boring. I wish it ends faster so I can try new activities in my free time.
  5. I know it hard for you to delete it since you played it for a while. You are not the only one that share the same thought. Meditation can help you with the energy. It is may not work for you but it is WORTH to try. Good Luck .
  6. 2nd Day What I did: Taking the test and review lessons for the tomorrow. Note: This is also the first day of the exam so i didn't have anything to do beside taking the exam and review the lessons for the next day. At least when I was taking the test , I was able to concentrate and shook off the voice of Youtube gaming video faster than before. I noticed that the detox also increased my willpower a little bit and distanced myself from gaming make it easier to focus on the other things which is more important like the EXAM XD. Maybe today I'm still lucky since it is the Exam day and I have to avoid gaming at all cost. I wonder what will happen to me on the normal day without the exam???
  7. @Bugg It is a good thing that Google calendar and diary working with you well. Not everyone be able to complete the goal of each day like we plan because things tend to go out of the plan from my experience. Have fun with your yoga class.
  8. @Kreedo Thank you for kind words. I hope something good will happen on your side.
  9. 1st Day of detox What I did: Uninstalled all my games from my laptop+ Avoid watching Youtube gaming video Note: I think i chose a good day to start since i have to prepare for my exam XD. I felt like a void inside my head but i was able to prepare for the exam peacefully. Since i am addicted to gaming because of playing game too much and watching a lot of Youtube gaming video.
  10. My name is NON.(Nickname) I’m 20. I have been playing games for 6 years since one of my friends introduced me to Steam. I usually play shooting games and watch YouTube gaming video to relax (2-8 hours LOL) but now I want to make a better life for me and my girlfriend+ my family. My gaming life affected me so much. I couldn’t concentrate in the classroom and it’s hard to read a book for the exam. I find Stopgaming in Reddit by coincidence and I decided to give it a chance by joining game quitters. Nice to meet you all :). My 1st day of 90 detox day. : Uninstalled all my games from my laptop. Updated: adding my story 6 years ago I wasn’t able to socialize with my classmate and I play a lot of games to ignore the pain of having no friends. Playing games become part of my life that affected my education in a bad way.3 years ago I made a couple of friends who also playing a game like me but they also had a life outside gaming. I felt jealous for them but I can’t quit gaming. I tried but I can’t. 2 Years ago I got together with my girlfriend and I surprised that when I told her about my gaming life and she didn’t hate it or ignore it at all. Now I'm studying computer science in University and I passed first year with bad grade. I knew that with my grade at the moment and my performance in studying, I cannot survive after graduated. I find stopgaming by coincidence and I decided to join game quitters to make my life better + making friends + practicing my English. (Since English is not my first language XD) I hope that after 90 days of detoxing I can kill three bird with one stone.
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