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NEW VIDEO: Is gaming a waste of time?


Am i really doing this.....Journal

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Day 1:

So.... its 1.30 a.m


Feeling excited so far....

I game since 20 yesrs non stop havent really tried to stop yet for good and max amount i didnt play games was like 2-3 days.


Sofar so good ?

After waking up

So today i deinstalled all my videogames and im selling my Accounts.

I feel quite excited at the moment also it was nice this morning since i didnt have this RUSH OMG I NEED TO PLAY SOME LEAGUE OF LEGENDS AS LONG AS I CAN UNTIL I HAVE TO GO TO WORK.


so  i feel quite relaxed... we will see how this will go.

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22 hours ago, STRONGERIDEAL said:

is it better if i always Edit my first post? then people dont have to read trought everything ,,, what u guys think

Good luck and I would personally say add on to your main post in the comments since it would better show off your progress ;) 

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So after like 3 days not gaming i feel quite excited.

I notice how much "time" i have.

I really enjoy not having those hard cravings anymore.

It was Valentinesday yesterday and i could really enjoy it with my girlfriend.

I notice how i catch myself thinking stuff like: TO NEVER PLAY GAMES AGAIN OMG... and slowy noticing how gaming becomes again like....someting nice to do.

But i know that if i do it, it might feel nice first.... but afterward i will just be like a junkie again. I just enjoy this free time so much.

I just say to myself: Do the 90 days. and afterwards if it was all for nothing.. wich i dont think... i can still just start playing games again. 

So nothing to lose.

I notice i have to talk to my addicted side of me and calm it down haha.


So far so good.


Thanks for the support guys.


peace out :)

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