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fresh reboot


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Day 154



Decided to make a new topic to start the New year, its a continuation of the previous one.

Unpaid internship ended which gives me more time to work on my own projects: 

Build up a bank of illustrations to start up an online store in the future which will serve as a form of passive income.

Job hunting, I said I wanted to get a job by the end of February. I am in a much better place than I was previously and think a bit clearer now. I redone my CV and am getting help from some benevolent souls on Reddit (I don't have cash for professional help). Today I applied for a couple online applications and then went off to my local high street and town centre to apply for jobs to catch the new year boat, handed all my prints outs and I'll be looking a little further afield for more jobs. Aim is to get a part time job and build myself back to a full time one. 

Prep for university, reading books and learning programmes. I also have a little project for myself that I am hoping will move on to something further.

I am definitively sure the storms have now died down enough to go cycling without sudden rain and wind dumping on my head so I'll be going back to my morning cylcing routine. I am also going to not use the pc to do any work before breakfast and will move learning french after that.


was playing around with my new brushes and pens


started making more things out of cardboard between other tasks. 


off to do some reading and drawing.

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Day 160

Ah poop. I relapsed a bit after that damn test session towards the end of last year. I don't feel like beating myself over it though. Usually I would reset the counter and hang my head in shame. Now, nah the counter is just a counter that helps me track myself from my lowest point, it has little other importance beyond that.

I have been making some progress to my goals and oddly, my boss for the interning decided to have a change off heart and give me a part time paid role (yay!). 

I have been doing some other casual work on the side mentoring people with dissertations which has gotten a bit of cash flowing too. Found myself a little table lamp that I will be using to read more in bed. 'fraid I am recovering from a huge brunch so no photos of progress at the moment.

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On 16/01/2018 at 7:14 PM, Cam Adair said:

Brené Brown's book Daring Greatly helped me a lot with the shame cycle. Would be good to check out if you want to transform your relationship to shame. :)

Cheers Cam, I will definitely look that up.


Day 167


I am securing a second internship, hopefully this time paid. Speaking more regularly to people through whatsapp. I still suffer from crowded areas and have pills and relaxation techniques to make me feel better.

My ink work is gathering pace and I am getting better with my new found tools. I want to keep it loose but I think, to be honest I should just have three separate styles (picture is not those three separate styles)


Also here is a very touristy picture of st pauls I took last year:



job to do today is get out of the house and draw some triumphal arches in the city and find the churches I didn't manage to take pictures of. should hopefully breaak up drawing church towers all day. The part time internship is nice, giving me something to consistent to plan  around. Also I have been managing to, for the past few days go to be early (9.30) and wake up consistently at 5:00am, although I still take morning naps because i am not really a morning person-but it helps me schedule the day and get more done. 

Nir Eyal 'Hooked' is something I am reading and also the life work of Carlos Scarpa which should help me work on my other design work projects.


So at the end of the Month I said I would get a second job of some kind-paid internship

Finish half of my church drawing project- detoured a bit and started developing different styles, I have generated a bunch of other ideas to get work on too.


This week I'll devote some time to my own little design project, prolly develop my pencil pots that I built for fun into something better seeing as I have amassed more materials.



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On 24/01/2018 at 0:35 AM, thehondasc00py said:

I'll definitely be following along with the world's next Frank Wright.

I'm interested, if you had to pick, what's your nr. 1 favorite building of all time? And have you visited the Vatican?

Haha I wish! I think things today are a lot less straightforward than before that allowed for a lone genius to arise.

I haven't visited the Vatican, just through the window of a bus going passed it. I don't think I have a favourite building I don't think. I have recently become interested in Ricardo Bofill's Walden 7 in Barcelona, but am more interested on a larger scale of developments to places made over decades that are not being used as intended by the original planner or architect.

Architects often talk about place-making as if its some kind of magical unicorn that will kick start communities, with all the bells and whistles of decades of existence attached but I would argue that it isn't design that makes a place, I think it is people who "break it in" like a new shoe, or make personalised adjustments like a bicycle. The design serves as a base for development I think but it doesn't magically become a comfortable place that everyone can enjoy, its become apparent in London that trying to do that just makes way for gentrification of the land.

I am thinking of a way (as prep for university) to make design more responsive to changes in community-way to make personalization and I suppose "uniqueness" of a community in the same way it is easy to make and change a gaming PC over say...a Mac where you have to just outright buy the next new one if the old one becomes slow and then over time watch as that one's performance declines again as opposed to constantly changing it and upgrading it according to your tastes.

On the whole I think that architecture-proper architecture shouldn't be limited to people with a fuck ton of cash to burn like say, the Catholic church and it should be easier than ever to do it given the technologies available to us, innovations that couldn't have been imagined 150 years ago. More people should be allowed to have input in designing their world.

I hope that makes sense and doesn't sound too pretentious! That reminds me, I should read up on the London School of Economics research projects on local high streets...



Anyhoo I spent the day thinking quite a bit about work and have about 3 hours to do something light and easy on my eyes, so no more reading or looking at screens for a bit.

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we should be thinking about placing an emphasis on co-dependece in placemaking rather than the one sided approach we have today.
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Nah man sounds like the opposite of pretentious, sounds like you're developing a vision and have an impact to make!

Damn that building looks like straight outta Inception

Gotta say I'm a simple guy, I enjoy a simple, traditional look and practicality first - if I recall correctly from school - you call it form follows function?

I love interior design though. If you're gonna live there, might as well make it amazing ;)

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