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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

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Greetings!  I'm Bernard and I've gamed since my early teens.  Now I'm 35 and married who still play video games, but wish to quit.

Recently I hit sort of mid-life crisis.  For quite awhile I no longer enjoyed being a Software Engineer.  I was recently promoted to Support Manager.  I thought the new position would be interesting, however I continued to lack motivation and drive.  After some thought, I realized I wanted to work for myself.   I wanted the freedom to do what I want and not be working for someone else.  Strangely this wasn't the first time I had this revelation.

Numerous times before I was dead set in making it on my own.  I would do lots of self-study and started my own projects.  I would sign up to online courses to improve my technical skills.  I would buy ebooks to gain more knowledge.  Sadly every single time, after just a month or so, I would lose motivation with my lack of progress and end up giving up.  I would reason to myself: "Why do I have to stress myself out with all these things during my free time when my 9-5 job was more than sufficient in all of my bills?  My life is pretty good!"

This time though, I felt disappointed with how little I have achieved for myself.  Why couldn't I do what so many have done for themselves?  What made them so different?  Then it dawned on me:  video games.  

My free times is mostly spent playing video games.  Now I realized they served no real propose other than being a distraction to what I really wanted in life.  If only I could swap my habit of playing videos with something more productive, then I can achieve what I ultimately want.  Thus starting my new adventure in life...

*burn-x joins "Game Quitters" party


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