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  1. Day 90! Today cleaned the house and watched some anime with the Mrs. Then after dinner, drilled some holes in the models so they can be magnetized. This allows for swapping of parts. Tomorrow will be heading to the hobby store for more model painting More importantly, I made it to 90 days without playing a video game! Honestly, this experience was easier than I expected. I thought would've relapsed a few times, but I didn't. My success probably lies in a few things: Quickly finding new things to do when bored. This can be just doing some coding, reading and more recently, painting When I have really nothing better else to do? Go climb over 50 floors of stairs! Constantly reminding myself that how unfulfilling gaming was and starting it again won't be any different. Completely cutting off my previous gaming clan I do have shortcomings that I wished I did more on: An inactive blog which I started. I wanted to post something every week, but I felt the quality of the post was not very beneficial for anyone. I did learn a lot of blogging related stuff like SOE and how to write better. I will be working on it more again in the future. Less coding once I picked up model painting. I thought I enjoyed coding, but I think this might have been a false interest. I find myself doing a lot more painting and model making than coding now. I need to try to balance this between the two activities. For those undertaking their detox 90 days journey, you can do it and stay strong: "The Greater the Effort, the Sweeter the Reward" :)
  2. Day 88 & 89 Same old boring and stressful work. After work did some coding, though I think I might want to finish reading the book first. Also started to assemble new models to paint. I think I'm ready now to start my army :)
  3. Day 87 Literally counting the days I'm leaving my job... After work did the final touch up on one of the models, decals are nerve-wracking:
  4. Day 86 Today is the first day of my company "global planning" session meaning I go to work late and come back late. Didn't do much at home, though did strip the paint from some models again. I find painting really therapeutic. It requires planning, execution, and patience. Importantly though, it gets me away from my PC which I will end up surfing the internet aimlessly. Ah yes, the decals. I don't look forward to that as well :P I'm quitting because I'm burnt out working in cooperate IT. 11 years of the same stress. I have nothing lined up, but my notice period is 3 months, not the usual 2 weeks in some Western countries. So I'll still be working for a while.
  5. Day 83, 84 & 85 Kept forgetting this thread :) The usual Saturday errands cleaned the home and instead of exercising, start some model painting again. On Sunday, went to the hobby store which in the end turned out to be the best experience I had when painting there. The usual storekeeper was on leave and his boss was there. This meant that the usual people who would hang out and chitchat with the storekeeper were missing. Thus I had all the opportunity to ask the boss how to paint! Learned a lot! On Monday, decided it was time to hand in my resignation letter again. The future isn't certain, but I'm certain I don't wish to waste any more of my time working in my company anymore. 4 years plus, time to move on.
  6. Day 82 Went shopping today and once home, continue with some cleanup coding and started to repaint one of the miniature models.
  7. Day 81 More cleaning up my coding and did a final round of stripping the paint of my models. Then decided to experiment around with a few of them by cutting off bits of the model armor to try to get the effect of scratch or damage. Then later I realized I could just look how to get the same effect by painting! Ah well, always best to learn from your mistakes.
  8. Day 80 After work, started something I wanted to try for awhile: stripping off the paints of the models I've been working on. This way I can keep practicing painting on the same models over and over. Using an ultrasonic cleaner really helps speed up the process, though it's a bit messy to clean it. Also ruined one of my models when I washed it with a paint cleaner. It caused the model to slightly melt. Lesson learned!
  9. Day 79 Work is stressing me out more and more! Back home I try to relax by surfing around and do some coding again.
  10. Day 77 & 78 On Sunday did model painting at the store. Though the people are friendly, I find myself feeling like an outsider. The people just talk about Game Workshop stuff, which is normal I guess as it is a store belonging to Game Workshop. Just feels odd that I can't join in the conversation as I just started the hobby and everyone knows each other. I might not go once I get the hang of the painting on my own. Monday back to work and again had to entertain a support call to the same customer on Friday. This issue isn't going away anytime soon. Today didn't do much, just looking for painting tools and continue my reading of Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship Thanks for the encouragement :)
  11. Day 76 Had to make a support call with a customer. The invite was sent to me 10 minutes before the meeting without warning. I love my job... After work did some coding, mostly refactoring to keep the code clean.
  12. Day 74 & 75 Yesterday did some painting and feel like I'm getting better! Is nice to see progress right in front of your eyes and made with your own hands :) Today didn't do much, got home late from shopping and just rest at home.
  13. Day 73 Got back from work early today, tired of handling the endless support issues. Did more painting again and started doing checkboard pattern on the white should pads of the models. Is very difficult to get them perfect, maybe I need a finer brush...
  14. Day 72 After work for more painting done, but really experimenting with layering and shading. Turns out my paint for shade makes things orange, so I can't shade last...
  15. Day 71 Added more colors to the models and weapons. Started layering one of the models, the lines could be cleaner, but this is really just my test subject:
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