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My Journal - Joe


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Yesterday was a busy day, and I didn't get a chance to write in my journal before falling asleep.  It was a decent day.  Again, I didn't get much done at work, but I tried for whatever that's worth.  At least I was able to answer several questions when I was needed so that is something.  I'll need to find another place to apply to this weekend.

My one on one time with the kids last night was a little rocky, but that's because I stuck to my guns.  Once I say something, I can't allow any amount of whining or crying to sway me.  I don't want my kids to get the message that those behaviors achieve positive results.  In that way I was successful if not very annoyed.  Importantly, I kept my calm and didn't lash out at the behavior either.  I am proud of how I handled it.

My wife and I had a nice and calm time together after the kids went to bed.  We cooked dinner together and relaxed for a while before going to sleep.  She is my favorite person, and that is my favorite part of the day.

I'm thankful for:

1.  Making another payment on my student loan.  68 to go before freedom!

2.  Eating well for the last few days.  I want to build that habit up.

3.  Getting through frustrating experiences with a bit of grace.

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