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44 Days Of Gaming.


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Hey guys,


Today I am 44 days of gaming. I gamed my entire life from age 10 until now almost aged 21. I would game every day 8 - 10 hours per day and never did anything else in my life. I lost friends, social lives and many other things due to this addiction I had/have. I had 5 days of no sleep 44 days ago and had a mini breakdown at which point a came to the realization that change was needed and needed fast. I went cold-turkey on gaming and almost immediately I felt the consequences of years of gaming addiction. I had horrible insomnia, severe anxiety and depression that felt crippling. Now, 44 days later the insomnia is starting to go away and 2 days ago the depression literally lifted and has not come back since, all that remains is some minor anxiety most of which has to do with some life choices I have yet to make in regards to my work and so forth.

So here I am. Ready to start a new chapter of my life. Free from gaming and relatively free from computers.

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