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My 90-Day Detox Diary


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Day 2
Feeling really good! Only a couple of small urges to play, and I don't know if it's just the placebo effect talking, but I'm starting to feel the brain fog lifting. I'm starting to take greater pleasure in things that I was once numbed to; even simple things like food and good company. Whilst it's easy for me to miss the stories, graphics and goals in my time-wasters and MMORPGs alike, I've realised today that I don't actually need them. That feels so liberating. In addition, I'm realising how much free time I'll soon have for all of my other skills, passions and hobbies like languages and literature, as well as giving more time to take care of and develop myself with exercise, healthy eating, mindfulness, and most of all, prayer and worship. It's a little tough at the moment with traveling before we move into our new apartment, but still! Roll on day 3!
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That's great you can see and experience that now. Imagine what you'll feel like, and have achieved, at day 90! You won't be able to recognise yourself. I look back to me just a 100 days ago, which is a short time in the grand scheme of things, and not be able to recognise them.

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Day 3
Not very strong cravings today. Thought about gaming and stories a few times, but not overwhelming urges to play, even whilst on my laptop. Need to be careful with internet surfing though. Whilst I've stayed away from streams and such, I still found myself looking up various lore on wikis which might not be helpful. I love the stories and can be inspired, but I mustn't become too engrossed.
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