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hey guys, I relapsed again. It's been about few weeks where I've been avoiding trying to admit I relapsed. But, I did relapse. I'm upset at myself because I thought I could "tame" and play in moderation, but it was so difficult. I wish I could play in moderation, but the play button is so tempting. I believe I relapsed because I isolated myself from family, I wanted to escape from environment, I wanted to procastinate, and I wanted to feel a sense of control. In addition, I was also watching alot of shows and seasons to prevent boredum. Before this, I was reading books, but something happened and I've been having my phone close to me and always watching videos (driving, on breaks, etc.) I need to restart my detox and get away from games and videos. I want to become productive because it helps me feel good about myself. I've fallen behind on some work and tasks and haven't made myself available to my friends because of videos and video games. I will delete the games, files, and restart my detox process! Day 1! 

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