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Hello everyone

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Hi GameStoppers. Greetings from the Mitten state.

I posted an introduction in the r/stopgaming subreddit under my other username, mrjorgen, and imagine there's a lot of overlap in the community. I figured I'd post here too - the more I talk about this the more likely I feel I'll commit to it. 

If you're curious, here's that thread

The sum of it is that gaming is literally the extent of what I do on my free time, and the feeling of stagnicity makes me feel more guilty and ashamed every day that passes. I'm 25 years-old and can't help but feel that I'm wasting away my youth staring at a colored screen and mashing buttons together while opportunities and chances to interact with the world whiz by. Today I decided to do the 90-day detox and so help me, I'm going to kick this plan's butt. 

I plan on starting my journal tomorrow with a strategic plan of some sort. From there, it'll be one step at a time. 

Anyway, thank you for having me. 


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