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Damn. I come home, there is no magic time machine that transport me to three hours later, without much to show for it. There's some kind of void, but that's a good thing.

Youtube, games... these are a few of the things that you can get in front of, and basically lose yourself in. I can't have activities that have the characteristic of me not being able to leave them for a while. Reading ? This take some effort, and I probably won't stop eating or sleeping just to finish reading something. Learning something, building, whatever. You just can't overdo it. We have evolved so far to be able to stop doing those things when we really need to go to sleep. Control is harder for some things, especially when those things are engineered to override every limits in you, and engage everything designed in you to make you stick to something.

On the other hand, classes are boring me to tears. I spent the week not listening. I guess I needed a break. Hopefully this will do as a break, as I can't just stop working on classes for the rest of the year, and I will come next week more productive.

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