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Hi guys,

As topic said I want to ask you if you have some experience with online courses (free, paid) and where to find them? Please write it down. I want to pick up at least one. 


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I only know Korean sites... I don't know English sites. Does anybody else know somewhere useful?

P.S : You may find one at Youtube. I wanted to find some video summaries for hydrology that I'm learning, and I could find a good playlist. Like this.

Other than that, I don't know where to go...

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If you did not specify what you want to learn, it could be a lot of topics really.

Personally, for job purposes I picked: https://www.codecademy.com/

For acquiring some skills in perl, bash and little bit of java (there are other coding languages as well). It is mostly free and lessons are progressive, so it is really possible to learn coding language from a scratch. And mind you, those are not lectures or slides, you start to code from lesson 1, which I like very much. I always teach myself better through something that I did, but it is highly individual for everyone so does for You.

For mental or mind exercises (mostly for manage feelings better not to train, for example memory) I picked app for android (and maybe for other OS as well) called Headspace. It is partially free. IN version with subscription (monthly payment) you have a LOT topics to cover in mind training.





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